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How to Bike St. Louis & TravelGreen

How to Bike St. Louis & TravelGreen

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Love to bike around the neighborhood or local trails, but not sure how to start riding for transportation? Trailnet’s TravelGreen program promotes multi-modal travel and bike commuting and increased awareness of bicycling safety in the St. Louis region. Our education, built environment and policy work all help create a more livable St. Louis so those who are ready can shift gears toward a new and healthier commute on a regular basis. Listen to the stories of those who have begun to make the shift to a healthier commute. )  Contact Taylor March at taylor@trailnet.org for any questions.

How to Get Around Town

Check out the Bike St. Louis map or Google maps for personalized bike routes. On Google maps, select Get Directions, and then click on the bicycle icon.

If you live in the Dutchtown or Shaw neighborhoods, check out our printable bike map (bus routes included!)

Shift Your Commute Challenge

SYCWant to challenge yourself to a car-free commute? Check out ShiftYourCommute.com and log your bicycling, walking, and transit trips to track your miles, calories burned, and carbon emissions saved. Join our February and September car-free commute challenges. Log your miles for a chance to win and be recognized as a dedicated car-free commuter. (Note: Biking and walking trips that count on Shift Your Commute should be transportation trips, not recreational.)

Public Transit

busPublic transportation can expand walking and biking trips to destinations throughout the region. Trailnet supports transit service providers and their partners’ efforts to increase the use of public transit by helping them accommodate and plan for pedestrians and bicyclists on their system.

Transit FAQs

Travel Green Events

Arch Women

  • Arch Women empowers women to bike, walk and use public transit by addressing solutions to common barriers. Topics covered will include bike maintenance, safety, and personal grooming after a commute– and more!

Trailnet on Tap

  • This speaker series brings local livability experts to neighborhood pubs to talk about all things biking. It brings the bicycling community together to network and discuss issues like winter gear, safety, bike laws, DIY accessories and more. Funded by the Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement Program (CMAQ).

Breakfast for Bikers

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