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Neighborhood Greenways St. Louis

Neighborhood Greenways St. Louis

Screen shot 2014-12-30 at 1.48.38 PMNeighborhood Greenways can help make walking and biking a way of life for all St. Louisans.


Watch this video to learn more about the Neighborhood Greenways St. Louis project.

 Making of the Video


Jennifer Allen, Director of Strategic Initiatives and project manager for the Neighborhood Greenways St. Louis project, met with Phoenix Design, photographer Jarred Gastreich, and featured pedestrians and bicyclists on a cool October morning. The fall leaves provided bursts of color in the background as the crew prepared to film at the first location on Arco Avenue in the Grove.

Bright with excitement, children featured in the video were eager to ride their bikes and skip down the street. Equally excited, the adults shared their stories and desire to see Neighborhood Greenways become a reality in their communities. The second location was in the Lewis Place neighborhood on Evans Avenue. Featured pedestrians and bicyclists were filmed strolling and riding past Visitation – St. Ann’s Shrine and a community garden. After calling a wrap, Phoenix Design began assembling the footage and piecing together the interviews.

Special thanks to Phoenix DesignForum Studio, and our volunteer pedestrians and bicyclists in making the video a success.

Project Update

In 2014 Trailnet and partners educated the community about Neighborhood Greenways through community meetings, walks, and outreach. In 2015, Trailnet and partners will have critical conversations about strategies for making Neighborhood Greenways a reality. These conversations will include, but not be limited to: strategies for financing construction and maintenance, prioritizing routes, incorporating history and art, and community engagement moving forward. At the end of the next phase of the project there will be even greater buy-in for building Neighborhood Greenways, and the City of St. Louis will be prepared for the next step–likely applying for funding to plan and build out a Neighborhood Greenways network over the coming years.

Support this project by donating to Trailnet and sharing this video. Stay tuned for more ways to get involved in 2015.