2020 Trailnet Gala

2020 Trailnet Gala

Join us 7-8 PM, Thursday, October 29 for our virtual 2020 gala!

For more than 32 years Trailnet has been making shift happen. From building the first bike and pedestrian trails in the community to getting more people to shift to more sustainable tranpsortation, our supporters have been key to shifting the way people move through St. Louis.

You can help connect our region’s communities and people by supporting our work to enhance street designs, create safe connections, and bring people together. That’s why we’ve decided to go virtual with our 2020 Gala. This year, Trailnet is rolling the red carpet right into your living room!

The Gala is Trailnet’s premiere event for everyone interested in strengthening our region’s urban fabric. Don’t miss out on this important moment for announcements on our progress in making St. Louis safer for all to walk and bicycle for transportation.

Our goal is to raise $70,000 from this virtual event to help fund our work to make St. Louis among the best cities in the country for walking and bicycling. You can help Make Shift Happen!

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Our work is critical to a thriving St. Louis

You can help make this shift happen!

A virtual gala ticket supports our programs to make healthier, more-sustainable transportation a reality in St. Louis.

Trailnet uses funds from our yearly Gala to realize our mission: to lead in fostering healthy, active, and vibrant communities where walking, bicycling, and the use of public transit are a way of life.

Get your tickets today!

Select from a standard $50 gala ticket or a premium $150 ticket.

$50 Standard Ticket gives you access to the Movers and Shakers virtual gala and a chance to win during four weekly drawings leading up to the event.

$150 Premium Ticket includes the same benefits as the standard ticket but includes a VIP Gala jersey and exclusive happy hour with chef and restaurateur Gerard Craft.


Pedego E-Cargo Bike Raffle

Make your own personal shift happen with this commute-and-errand crushing electric cargo bike from our partners at Pedego. 

$25 buys you a chance to win this new Pedego Stretch E-Cargo Bike. Raffle tickets are on sale now and the winner will be drawn live Oct. 29 during the virtual gala.

Only 450 tickets will be sold so don’t miss out!


$25 for a chance to win!


Don’t miss out on the Trailnet Gala Jersey

If you purchase the $150 premium ticket, you’ll get our new VIP Trailnet Gala Tuxedo Jersey.

Your VIP Ticket also gives you access to an exclusive virtual happy hour with St. Louis restaurateur and chef Gerard Craft, of Niche Food Group.  Don’t miss out on this fun opportunity.


Host Committee

Trailnet appreciates the help and committed support of our 2020 Gala host committee:

Roo Yawitz, Big Muddy Adventures


Mike Weiss, Big Shark Bicycle Co


Ted Wilson, Union Loafers 


Gerard Craft, Niche Food Group

2020 Gala Sponsors

The 2020 Movers and Shakers Gala is presented by Stifel. Thank you to them and all our sponsors and partners who make our work possible.


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