2021 Community Rides

2021 Community Rides

Building Community Around Active Lifestyles

Trailnet designs our Community Rides in collaboration with educational partners including community organizations, museums, and other nonprofits that share our mission to foster healthy, active, and vibrant communities. These great relationships allow us to create an experience rich with information delivered by experts in the subject area while we design routes that carry you through some of the city’s most beautiful parts of town. Our goal is to unite people across age, race, gender, background, and riding ability to gain a deeper understanding of our heritage and history in St. Louis while promoting safe bicycling.

The 2021 rides season will be held with health and safety in mind as we continue to monitor COVID-19 rates. That said, you should expect to see a mix of both semi-virtual (scavenger hunt) and in-person events.  Check out each ride’s individual event page for more information on what this means and how you can participate. You can also watch this quick video tutorial on how to get set up when tackling our scavenger hunts.

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For a complete listing of rides, please check the Events Calendar or contact rides@trailnet.org for further questions.