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Volunteer for Trailnet Rides

Volunteer for Trailnet Rides

Volunteering at Trailnet Rides is a great opportunity to get involved with your local bicycle and pedestrian advocacy nonprofit!

NOTE: Due to COVID-19, we’ve had to cancel or shift our Classic Rides to a virtual platform. Because of this Trailnet will not be needing any volunteers for this year’s ride. However, we encourage you to fill out the regular volunteer form!

Hundreds of people show up for our rides every week, so we need help from passionate volunteers to make sure the rides are successful and a great experience for everyone involved.

Trailnet needs volunteers to help with rest stops, registration of riders, and signing up new riders.

Volunteering with Trailnet comes with its perks – you’ll receive a free voucher for a Trailnet Classics or Community Ride, a “Bike City” Trailnet t-shirt, and most importantly, the opportunity to work and interact with some of the most passionate people who ride bikes. Sign up below!

For more information about volunteering at Trailnet Classics or Community Rides please contact rides@trailnet.org