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The Latest

Trailnet’s Policy Principles

During the first meeting of 2021, Trailnet’s board of directors approved seven principles to guide the organization’s advocacy and policy work. These policy principles were developed based on Trailnet’s Mission …

Tucker Blvd. Bike-Walk-Bus Construction Update

Updated Jan. 8, 2021 This week, the East-West Gateway Council of Governments (EWG) advanced a $1.1 million federal construction application for biking, walking, and bus stop improvements on Tucker Blvd. …

Trailnet’s Holiday Gift Guide

Looking for a last minute gift this holiday season? Maybe you want to make a donation to a non-profit/organization instead of buying a physical gift? Check out this holiday gift …

St. Louis County Council Approves Bike Reforms

St. Louis County unanimously approved a new package of bike-friendly traffic rules that prioritize the safety of people on bikes, and other vulnerable road users. The ordinance prioritizes people’s safety …

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