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Trailnet Champions: Our 2019 Summer Interns!

Trailnet is honored to offer enriching internships every year that allow people to gain experience building a better, more connected St. Louis. Trailnet interns come from dynamic backgrounds and are …

Parklets and Placemaking with AARP

The corner of Laclede Avenue and South Vandeventer Avenue will see exciting improvements in pedestrian safety and social engagement–part of a multi-faceted approach planning we like to call placemaking. Trailnet …

The Right Time #STLMade | Across STL

HIS TIME IS THE RIGHT TIME -Photo by Michael Thomas “All of our products are designed and manufactured locally but they have a global impact. Our timing systems serve as …

Humps, Bumps, and Cushions

Your guide to things that go bump in the street   Unlike St. Louis’s potholes and steel plates that accidentally put strain on your car’s shocks, there are several tools …

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