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Public Commentary/Press

RalphMoHisTrailnet raises important issues through public commentary and news stories in the media. Recent examples include:






Rising number of pedestrian deaths has St. Louis officials concerned

Trailnet criticizes St. Charles County ultimatum on O’Fallon’s Main Street


Trailnet to St. Charles County leadership: you got this one wrong


Trailnet: Still a need for red-light, speed cameras

Post-Dispatch highlights Trailnet’s Safe Routes to School program, education and advocacy to get more kids walking and biking to school


Trailnet notes that St. Louis is at a critical juncture and urges East West Gateway board of directors to hire an outstanding leader, collaborator and expert as the new executive director.  This memo to the board suggests some important questions that should be asked of all executive director candidates.


Trailnet addresses regional planning organization’s draft long-range transportation plan


Q&A with Trailnet’s Executive Director, Ralph Pfremmer, in the Illinois Business Journal


“Make city’s streets safer for pedestrians” – editorial by Ralph Pfremmer, Executive Director of Trailnet