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Bicycle education benefits bicyclists, pedestrians, and motorists alike. By teaching the rules, rights, and responsibilities of bicycling, Trailnet is working to create safer roads for all. Trailnet offers a variety of educational opportunities for ages 5-13, including single day classes, classroom educational components, and hands-on skills work. We currently have 5 League Certified Instructors (LCI’s) on staff. Contact Taylor March at youthprograms@trailnet.org with any questions.

Bike Safety Rodeos for Kids

A Trailnet Bike Safety Rodeo brings fun and excitement to kids learning correct bike safety, rules and skills. Specially focused on riding bikes in an urban/suburban environment, our staff will set up a customized combination of “stations” covering bicycle rules of the road, helmet fittings, bike safety checks and active learning exercises meant to teach kids specific bicycle handling skills.

Riding in the Right Direction Bicycle Safety/Skills and Community Advocacy Education

This program is a customizable, multi-session Trailnet program developed to introduce elementary school students to community advocacy and educate them about cycling skills and safety. Communication and leadership skills are taught as we work with the students to take on a pedestrian or bike safety advocacy project around their school or in their immediate community. The goal is that kids learn cycling skills, how to stay safe, and how to create positive change within their community. This curriculum can be customized to a specific urban, suburban or rural environment, and can include pedestrian safety education as well.

Recent Posts about Bicycle Education

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