Trailnet is pleased to announce that it will work with the American Planning Association Missouri Chapter (APA Missouri) to educate planners and public health professionals across Missouri on the health impacts of street design. The partnership will be funded through a $60,000 grant from the American Planning Association’s Planners4Health initiative.

Trailnet and APA Missouri have worked together since February 2015 on the Plan4Health initiative, installing several pop-up traffic calming demonstrations in the city of St. Louis. These demonstrations utilized temporary structures like speed humps and roundabouts to slow car speeds. Slowing vehicle speeds and reducing cut-through traffic help make streets feel more friendly, livable, and welcoming to residents of all ages.

The Plan4Health project received positive reviews from community members, city staff, and elected officials within St. Louis, attracting national and international attention. As a result of the Plan4Health initiative, permanent crosswalk improvements were constructed in front of Woodward Elementary School, beautification projects sprouted in several neighborhoods, and an ordinance was passed in the City of St. Louis that will help to shape future traffic calming infrastructure projects. Trailnet also created Slow Your Street: A How-To Guide for Pop-Up Traffic Calminga manual that provides easy-to-follow instructions for creating additional demonstrations.

The Planners4Health project, in partnership with the Missouri Council of Activity and Nutrition, will focus on sharing lessons learned from the traffic calming project throughout the state of Missouri. Communities will gain knowledge and resources that will allow integration of public health into local and regional planning practices.

Trailnet will assist APA Missouri in hosting at least three pop-up traffic calming demonstrations across the state, using the successes in St. Louis as a model. “The goal of this project is to share our insight across the state so APA Missouri members and public health professionals interested in promoting safer and healthier street designs have the resources to do so,” said Grace Kyung, planning manager at Trailnet.

“APA Missouri is excited for the opportunity to take the knowledge learned from the Plan4Health project in St. Louis and share it with our APA members across the state,” said Hilary Perkins, AICP, president of the Missouri Chapter of the American Planning Association. The Planners4Health initiative marks the three-year culmination of APA’s $9 million Plan4Health program that works to combat two determinants of chronic disease – lack of physical activity and lack of access to nutritious foods. Funding for the program is provided through a grant from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

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