Missourians Support Complete Streets


Missourians Support Complete Streets


Ferguson, Clayton, and St. Louis City all have Complete Streets policies in place, and are working to improve accessibility as opportunities present themselves – without additional funding.

St. Louis County’s 2013 Strategic Plan calls for a Complete Streets ordinance to be adopted as one part of a multi-prong approach to enhance mobility and connectivity.

In 2010, MoDOT public opinion polling found that 53% of Missourians agree with the statement, “Up to 25% of each project’s funds should be spent to add bicycle/pedestrian facilities at the expense of other projects. The newly released 2013 survey from the National Association of Realtors shows support of the general public as well:

  • A neighborhood with a mix of houses, stores and businesses that are easy to walk to is preferred over a neighborhood with houses only that requires driving to stores and businesses (60 percent to 35 percent).
  • There is a wider divide among those who have moved in the last three years or are planning to move in the next three years. Recent movers prefer the walkable community by 20 points (58 to 38 percent), almost identical to the walkable community preference expressed by those who plan to move in the next three years (+18 points, 57 to 39 percent).
  • Privacy from neighbors remains at the top (86 percent important), along with sidewalks and places to take walks (80 percent important) and high quality public schools (74 percent important).
  • There is also a need for more safe routes for riding bikes to work and shopping. Almost half (48 percent) say there is too little safe bike routes, compared to 41 percent who say there is the right amount.

We will keep you informed on the progress of this important legislation. Thank you for your interest and support in making St. Louis a better place to live, work, and play.