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Mission and Values

Mission and Values

Our mission is to lead in fostering healthy, active, and vibrant communities where walking, bicycling, and the use of public transit are a way of life.  

We believe everyone should have access to safe low-stress walking and biking connections where we live, work, and play in our communities.  

Trailnet works within the St. Louis region and across the state to respond to the demand for improved walking and biking networks that attract and retain talent, strengthen our economy, and connect people to the places they love.

We are leading the way by developing policy and on the ground solutions to help people of all ages and abilities reach community and cultural destinations by walking, biking, taking transit, or driving. One way we are doing this is by catalyzing partnerships with a bold vision for a a safe network for walking and biking in St. Louis. This vision will improve health and wellness, bolster economic growth, further create social equity and access, and connect communities. To learn more about our Vision Master Plan click here.

Trailnet recognizes in order to achieve this vision we need to ensure it exemplifies our core values:

  • Equity: We champion walking and biking as readily accessible and affordable ways to get around which can be viable transportation choices for people in all communities, of all ages, abilities, races, genders, and income levels.
  • Sustainability: We increase opportunities for walking and biking, which has a positive effect on the environment, public health, and the economy. We organize, promote and model environmentally-friendly practices and behaviors.
  • Collaboration: We build partnerships to achieve our mission. We identify and convene cross-sector organizations to galvanize progressive ideas and resources.
  • Power of Place: We advance walking and biking improvements not as an end in themselves, but as changes that energize and animate neighborhoods by transforming streets into places that
    • inspire pride and stewardship
    • encourage social cohesion and engagement
    • reflect our region’s culture and history
    • nurture local talent and leadership
    • contribute to community resiliency
    • act as engines for economic prosperity.
  • Leadership: We embrace a leadership role in generating strategies and implementing best practices to accomplish our mission while engaging communities and giving them a voice for change. We set high standards for ourselves and our programs, deliver on our promises, and measure outcomes as a means for continuous improvement.

We do this by:


  • We work for better streets
  • We create bicycle and pedestrian master plans
  • We train leaders to create healthy communities


  • We build community around healthy lifestyles
  • We provide education and encouragement
  • We host bike rides