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Past Wins

Past Wins


Together with partners, city officials and community members, we help them create recommendations that reflect best practices for encouraging safe connections for biking and walking.   

Completed Bike Ped Plans

In 2007 and 2009, Trailnet leveraged federal surface transportation funds to support 80% of the cost for communities to develop walkable bikeable community plans. Communities applied to be part of the program and contributed up to 20% of the cost. 

Our Most Recent Accomplishment: Florissant Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan

In 2016, recognizing the benefits of a more walkable and bikeable community, the City of Florissant teamed up with Trailnet to initiate what is now the City of Florissant Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan. The purpose of this Master Plan is to serve as the long range, 20-year, vision for the City and to guide pedestrian and bicycle improvements.

Below is a list of communities we have partnered with to create pedestrian and bicycle master plans.

Please contact us at planning@trailnet.org for questions or information in regards to our Past Planning Wins.