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Jefferson County Walk-Bike Strategy

Jefferson County Walk-Bike Strategy

In 2022, with funding from the Jefferson Foundation, Trailnet completed the Jefferson County Walk-Bike Strategy. The Trailnet team took a comprehensive look at walking and biking conditions in three key Jefferson County communities: Festus, Crystal City, and Herculaneum.


To gain feedback on the Walk/Bike Strategy our team met numerous times with a diverse steering committee of city staff, business owners, elected officials, and community residents. Our team also attended several different community engagement events to gain feedback on existing conditions and where residents wanted to see improvements in their community.

Through these meetings, our team was able to narrow down several recommendations into three main priority projects for the communities to move forward with.

The Plan

From the engagement activities and the guidance of the steering committee, our team developed a plan that reflected the needs of the priority communities. Our team also reflected on previous transportation plans and policies completed before the Walk/Bike Strategy to guide and inform the priority projects.

The three priority projects include:

  1. Mill Street & Veterans Blvd Intersection Improvements
  2. Bailey Rd and Highway 61/67 Sidewalk Improvements
  3. Railroad/Levy Trail

The plan also includes several action items, potential partnerships, and funding opportunities to move these projects forward.

Next Steps

Trailnet is currently working with Jefferson County residents and stakeholders to identify funding opportunities for the priority projects. We are also seeking opportunities for education and encouragement programs to get Jefferson County residents walking and biking.