2022 St. Louis Crash Report

2022 St. Louis Crash Report

Last year, 173 people were killed and 14,930 people injured in traffic crashes in St. Louis City and County. 

In the City of St. Louis, 78 total people died as a result of traffic violence—the second-most fatalities in any year on record, and more than double the number of traffic fatalities in the City a decade ago.

In St. Louis County, the number of pedestrian fatalities over a three-year span from 2020-2022 was up 228% from 2010-2012.

These and other key findings are part of Trailnet’s “2022 St. Louis City and County Crash Report.” This report is a snapshot and analysis of traffic violence in the St. Louis region and lays out recommendations for local leaders to better address these tragedies.

In addition to reporting crash data, this year’s report features a new section for fatal crash reviews. These reviews analyze the context and roadway conditions of specific crash sites from four crashes in 2022. Each analysis is followed by a series of recommendations to prevent future deaths, including: reducing dangerous driver behavior through street design, improving safety near bus stops and reimagining our most car-centric corridors.

Our last two annual Crash Reports have helped local transportation agencies prioritize and justify new safety projects, provided local journalists with a digestible set of statistics to strengthen their coverage of traffic violence and catalyzed systemic change in the region.

We hope this year’s report is equally impactful. We encourage everyone to use these statistics to advocate for safer streets for all users in their own community, and we welcome feedback and conversations about the findings presented.

For questions about the report, email planning@trailnet.org