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How We Can Help

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Bike Valet Services

Bike valet is one of many ways that Trailnet promotes ­­healthy and active living in the St. Louis region.  We provide bike parking at festivals, fairs, concerts, sporting events, and more.  Some of the most notable events that feature our racks include the MS Ride, Loufest Music Festival, and the Missouri Botanical Garden’s Green Homes &Great Health Festival.

There are many advantages to providing bike valet service at your event:

  • A neat and orderly event Instead of locking bicycles to posts and fences, attendees will have a corral in a convenient location for you.
  • Good press for your organization or business.  Bike valet is an easy way to make your event greener, reducing your carbon footprint while at the same time encouraging a healthy way to get to and from your event.
  • Higher turnout at your event. You will attract more people to your event by providing easy access to parking, as well as giving them a secure place to park their bikes and all their accessories.
  • Saved time and money.  We provide a complete service, including set-up, on-duty valet, and tear down.  We will work with you to recruit and train event volunteers. All you have to do is provide the perimeter barrier.  In addition to time savings, valet service reduces the need to rent extra parking spaces and reduces the number of staff hired to direct traffic at large scale events.
  • Access to Trailnet resources. This includes TravelGreen literature and social media marketing.  A partnership with Trailnet also carries with it a level of recognition trust, having provided successful and popular bike valet services in the past.

Fees for this amenity allows Trailnet to cover our base costs and provide quality service. Service fees are based on the size and duration of your event, the expected number of bikes to be parked, and the number of volunteers you are able to provide. 

Livability Policies

Trailnet works with local, state, and federal partners to remove barriers and create incentives for walking and biking. Staff can assist your community with policy creation, education, policy process and coalition building.

Recent successes include St. Louis County’s Complete Streets policy and St. Louis City’s Safe Streets policy. Trailnet staff has also successfully worked on school wellness policy, joint use agreements, healthy vending policy, and zoning for mixed-use development.

Please contact us at info@trailnet.org for questions or information in regards to our planning, education, and bike valet services.