2021 St. Louis Crash Report

2021 St. Louis Crash Report

In 2021, 178 people were killed and more than 14,000 people injured in traffic crashes in St. Louis City and County. 

For the fourth year in a row, the number of people walking killed in crashes increased in St. Louis City, and for the first time since data was tracked, St. Louis County saw the total number of traffic deaths exceed 100. 

In both city and county, these crashes occurred at disproportionately higher rates in predominantly Black and minority communities.

This grim accounting and other key findings are part of Trailnet’s 2021 St. Louis City and County Crash Report. This report is a snapshot and analysis of traffic violence in the region and lays out recommendations for governments to better address these deaths.

The report builds off of the 2020 Crash Report, which focused on the City of St. Louis, by expanding to report on crashes in St. Louis County as well.

The report features suggested solutions to reduce deaths and injuries. These solutions include addressing high-crash corridors, reducing speeding through street design, improving safety near bus stops and adopting a comprehensive need-based approach to traffic safety.

For questions about the report, email planning@trailnet.org

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