Past Wins

Past Wins


Trailnet has worked to promote commuter bicycling by teaching skills for on-road cycling, and identifying safe and pleasant connections for bike travel in the St. Louis region. Trailnet has worked with businesses, universities, and communities to improve active transportation options and promote car-free commuting. Specific encouragement projects have included:

  • National Safe Routes to School Program, designed to promote the health of children and communities by encouraging daily physical activity as a part of a neighborhood’s social fabric. By encouraging students to walk or bike to school, the program worked to ensure reliable means to arrive at school safely, on time, and ready to learn.
    • Schools We Have Worked With
      • Webster Groves School District: Avery Elementary, Bristol Elementary, Clark Elementary, Edgar Road Elementary, Hudson Elementary, Webster Groves Computer School
      • University City School District: Flynn Park Elementary, Jackson Park Elementary
      • St. Louis Public School District: Farragut, Froebel Literacy Academy, Meramec Elementary, Walbridge CEFSS
      • Private Schools: Christ the King (University City), Confluence Academy (South City)
      • Kirkwood School District: Bike Weeks at Keysor Elementary and Robinson Elementary
  • Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Program through the Federal Highway Administration, designed to promote the use of walking, biking, and the use of public transit to get to work. Trailnet worked with local businesses to educate employees on car free commuting options in St. Louis, and track the CO2 offset of those who chose to shift their commute to another mode.


  • League Cycling Instructor Trainings, Trailnet has held multiple League Cycling Instructor Trainings to get more people to be certified instructors and equipped these individuals to teach city cycling skills classes and to host youth bike education events.
  • Healthy Schools Healthy Communities, a five-year initiative to address childhood obesity funded by the Missouri Foundation for Health. Trailnet provided technical assistance and support to five rural communities and one urban community across Missouri to make a positive impact on the health of children through the built environment, policy, and programs.

Please contact us at education@trailnet.org with any questions or further information about our past education programs.