Building Community Around Active Lifestyles

The Trailnet Classics are unique, supported, and community-focused multi-distance bike rides for people of all comfort levels. 

Unique | Looking for roads less traveled or familiar cityscapes? The Trailnet Classics are great for riders of any comfort level. The Classics Rides feature multiple routes specially-designed and safely marked starting around 10 mi with longer routes closer to 100 mi. Choose the adventure right for you!

Supported | Every Trailnet Classic includes fully stocked rest stops with food and water in addition to S.A.G. (support and gear) vehicles to help with flat tires and mechanical issues. 

Community-focused | Trailnet is a non-profit dedicated to building safer streets for all. Your registration helps fund our work to improve biking in our region. We help build safer streets, advocate for bike-friendly reforms and introduce new people to biking. This work is supported by our riders and members.

For more on the history of the Trailnet Classics check out the Bicycle Fun Club (BFC).

2021 event announcements coming soon!!!

Trailnet’s Ride the Rivers Century is the best 100-mile ride in the Midwest!

Join us for the only century ride in the US that has two ferry crossings! This exceptionally beautiful ride shows off all the sights of the St. Louis region.

We also offer a 65 mile Metric Century (100km) for those who want to be part of the fun, but might not be able to complete 100 miles just yet. As a bonus, the metric century route has a third ferry crossing at mile 26 via the Grafton Ferry (the third crossing).

Announcement coming soon!!!

Community Rides

Trailnet Community Rides are your chance to explore the region and connect with the stories and history that formed our community. 

Each Community Ride is created in collaboration with community partners like the Missouri Historical Society – and others – to create rich educational experiences.

These in-person rides and self-guided tours let you pick when you want to ride and set your own pace.

Our goal is to unite people and gain a deeper understanding of St. Louis history while promoting safe bicycling.

You can watch this quick video tutorial on how to get set up when tackling our scavenger hunts.

Downloadable PDF of our Sponsorship Levels and Offerings.

Nonprofit Partner Rides

These rides are brought to you by select Trailnet nonprofit partners. With plenty of routes, locations, amenities, and activities to choose from, you’ll find one or more that suits your interests, time frame, and skill level. Whether you’re passionate about one of these worthwhile causes – or just passionate about riding – take the challenge. Nonprofit partner rides include The Moonlight Ramble and Pedal the Cause.

Free Weekly Group Rides

These weekly rides are run by local bike shops and select Trailnet partners. No SAG vehicles are provided and no rest stops are planned. Each ride is identified as either a “drop ride,” where the pack of riders determines the pace of the ride and slower riders may “drop” off if they don’t keep up; or a “no-drop ride,” where the pace of all riders is accommodated.