Rides FAQs

Rides FAQs

Thank you for your interest in Trailnet Classics! Here are answers to some frequently asked questions. If you can’t find answers to your questions here or on the individual ride’s page, please email rides@trailnet.org. For questions about Community Rides, click here.


The Switch to BikeSignUp

Registration / Check-in

Event Day

Ride Support / Rest Stops and SAG


Ride Vouchers


What is BikeSignUp?

In 2023, Trailnet is making BikeSignUp (or RunSignUp—they’re synonymous!) our new do-it-all platform. One BikeSignUp account will allow you to register for rides, sign up to volunteer, manage your membership and shop the new online store.

Through BikeSignUp we will be offering more incentives to ride with features like early bird discounts, cash back for referrals, the ability to register 2 or more at once for $5 off, and our new Trailnet Classics Season Pass. As always, Trailnet Members save $10 on all Trailnet Classics pricing. 

Your BikeSignup account will keep track of all of your registrations, results and photos in one place. This powerful recognition tool can locate your race number in photos and automatically tag you and your friends. You won’t have to dig through emails to find that photo of you from previous year’s events. You can even upload photos of your own for everyone to see!

For those who don’t already have a BikeSignup account, creating one is free and easy!


Why are we switching?

To make it easier for you to use your membership benefits and to improve our ride registration experience for all participants. Members will automatically receive membership pricing for all Trailnet rides just by signing into your account.

What do we need to do to switch?

Claim your account on the RunSignup Trailnet Members Club. You will receive an email from RunSignup (info+auto@runsignup.com) with the subject line “Claim Account for Trailnet Members”. Open that email and follow these instructions.

What if I share an account with another family member?

Each member account will allow 2 individuals. When you claim your account, you will be given the option to add a second person to the account. Click here for further instructions. 

How do I renew my membership now?

1) You can continue to renew your membership at Trailnet.org or by mailing a check. Allow 3-5 business days to process before you receive your Claim Account email to join the club and access your discount. OR 2) If you want to use your membership discount right away, please renew through the RunSignup Trailnet Members Club here or through any ride registration page. 

What about my Free Ride Vouchers?

We are switching to a fully digital system. You will receive an email with your new voucher codes. If you do not receive the email, contact membership@trailnet.org. Your old paper free ride vouchers will no longer be valid. Recycle your old paper vouchers and think of all the trees we will save moving forward.

Registration / Check-In

What’s the difference between pre-registration, day-of registration & check in?

Registration means signing up and paying for the ride. 

You can pre-register online for individual rides. Once you register you’ll be entered in our system and receive a confirmation email. If you pre-register, the morning of the ride, bring your confirmation email to the Check-in Tent to get a wristband designating you as a participant and pick up any merchandise you purchased when you checked in.

Most of our rides allow for day-of registration where you can sign up for the ride that morning and receive your wristband. When you arrive, bring your payment to the Registration Tent, you will be registered and check in at the same time.

What’s included with my registration cost?

Every Trailnet Classic includes: 

  • Marked routes with maps and cue sheets
  • Turn-by-turn navigation with Ride with GPS
  • Stocked rest stops with water and nutrition (fruit, snacks, GU Energy)
  • Support (SAG) vehicles on the route to assist with mechanical and first aid issues
  • Snacks and refreshments after the ride

Certain rides will offer extra features including:

  • Professional photographers along the course
  • Chip timing, that tracks your overall time and standings
  • Ride-specific merchandise, ride packets, or other swag

Do you offer discounts on rides?

Yes, we offer discounts for Trailnet members, riders under 18, and partner organizations as well as special early bird offers.

Trailnet Members: Trailnet members receive vouchers for free rides as well as discounts on all Trailnet Classics. Learn more about becoming a member!

Youth pricing: All riders 18-years-old and younger receive special pricing for Trailnet Classics Rides. 

When registering the rider, not the guardian, information on the registration page, select “No” next to the question “I am over the age of 18.” Once selected, the registration price will automatically adjust. The waiver at the bottom must be signed by a legal guardian. 

Riders younger than 18 need to be accompanied by an adult.

Do you offer refunds?

Trailnet Rides are non-refundable. It takes a great deal of time and money to organize our events so in order to cover our costs we cannot offer refunds. That said, we understand that there may be some limited, unique circumstances where a refund may be appropriate. Email rides@trailnet.org to make a request. 

Event Day

When should I arrive?

Registration and check in usually opens an hour and a half before the event starts. We recommend that you try to get to the event as soon as you can in order to give yourself time to find parking and get those tires aired up. We do our best to make the check-in and registration process quick and efficient but it’s always better to be early. 

Why do some rides have a Group start and some have an open start?

Certain rides feature a group start where all riders depart at the same time. Once safely escorted from the start by local authorities, riders are free to ride at their own pace with anyone they’d like.

Other rides have an open start, where people can depart any time during a designated start-window.

The decision to have a group or open start is based on the requirements of our host communities and the safety of our riders. Certain rides and routes require street closures and are coordinated with local governments and law enforcement. 

Will you cancel rides because of the weather?

We host the Trailnet Classics rain or shine, meaning that we won’t cancel a ride because of a rain shower. Part of the unique experience of a ride is being out in the elements.

However, if there is a high likelihood of extreme weather Trailnet may adjust start times or cancel any event for the safety of the participants, volunteers and staff. Any changes will be communicated via email and social media.

Do I need to be able to ride at a certain pace?

There isn’t a set minimum pace for any rides except our Century. In general, riders should be comfortable riding at a moderate pace.

Each ride is different and we ask that riders know their comfort level when choosing a route, especially on longer, hillier rides.

Our support vehicles sweep each route before closing rest stops in order to ensure that there are no riders still on course. If you’re still on course when rest stops are being closed, you’ll be given the opportunity to finish the ride on your own or get a ride back to the start location. 

Is this a no-drop ride?

People are free to ride in groups as they want and can decide amongst themselves their pacing, stops, etc. Alternatively, people are free to ride on their own at their own appropriate pace.

Rest Stops and SAG

What’s included with rest stops?

Our rest stops are typically placed every 15-20 miles. They include:

  • Water
  • Electrolyte sports-drink mix
  • GU sports nutrition
  • Snacks (usually a mix of fresh fruit and packaged snacks to eat there or take for the road)

What is SAG?

SAG stands for Support and Gear. During every ride, we have vehicles on the routes to help riders in case of mechanical or first aid problems.

An important note, our SAG drivers are equipped to provide first aid and assist with minor mechanical issues (flats, minor drive train problems). In cases of a major mechanical issue, we transport the rider and bike back to the start of the ride. In case of a severe injury, we provide first aid until EMS arrives.

Before the ride, download the free TraqCentral app. This gps-based app allows our organizers and SAG drivers to quickly pinpoint your location and provide quick assistance. TraqCentral also has a feature that allows you to share your ride in real time with a family member or emergency contact so they can follow along. 

What is TraqCentral?

TraQCentral is a free app that gives riders a stronger, safer, and more efficient way to call in for mechanical or medical support with the tap of a button. If you need assistance during the ride, the app shares your GPS coordinates with our support dispatch center and you’ll receive a text message with an ETA within minutes.

We highly encourage every rider to download and use the app.


What is Ride with GPS?

Ride with GPS is an app that offers ride tracking, navigation and turn-by-turn directions. 

All riders will be given turn-by-turn directions for the day of the ride. You’ll receive a link to the Ride with GPS Event in your confirmation email.  

Trailnet members have free access to the Trailnet Club account from Ride with GPS, which gives access to past Trailnet Classic and Bicycle Fun Club routes.

Can I download the route ahead of time?

You will receive an email a few days before the event letting you know that the routes are finalized and ready for download. 

Do not download the routes to a gps or phone before you receive that email. If you download the routes before they are finalized there is a chance the route will change.

All routes are posted on the individual rides’ pages and updated throughout the event planning process. Occasionally we need to make adjustments due to construction, changing road conditions or other unforeseen safety issues.

What COVID precautions are being taken to keep people safe?

We adhered to local public health guidelines when planning all of our in-person outdoor events.

All staff and event volunteers are vaccinated and will wear masks when interacting with riders.

We remain confident in the safety of our outdoor events and will continue to ensure that these events are produced in a manner that prioritizes safety.

Ride Vouchers

Why can’t I use my free ride voucher at Ride the Rivers or Moonlight Ramble?

Thank you for being a Trailnet member! Trailnet is a non-profit charity, so we rely on your generosity to give back to our community.

Your membership comes with free ride vouchers, which can be used to any regularly-priced Trailnet Classics ride. Ride the Rivers is our premium fundraising ride, priced to provide a higher quality ride experience than our other Classics AND to generate critical funding for our mission.

Trailnet members receive a $15 discount on Ride the Rivers. Sign up before August 1 for the best price. Be sure to claim your Run Sign Up account in the Members Club before registration for your discount to be applied automatically at check out. Click here for instructions on how to claim your account to get a discount on all Trailnet rides, including Ride the Rivers. If you are a Peloton Society member, you get 50% off Ride the Rivers registration. Check. your email for a coupon code.

Moonlight Ramble is a partner ride for which Trailnet is the charity partner. The good folks at Big River Race Management put on the ride and make a generous donation to Trailnet from the proceeds. Trailnet promotes and supports the ride, but it is not our event, so we are not able to offer a membership discount for this ride.