Planning Advisory Committee Meeting #1


Planning Advisory Committee Meeting #1

The first Planning Advisory Committee Meeting took place April 28, 2014 at the Kirkwood Recreation Center. The meeting focused on introducing the committee members to the planning process and gathering information on existing conditions.

Meeting Summary and Materials
The draft summary of the meeting is available here.
The handouts and presentation from the meeting can also be downloaded:

Planning Process
Communication Process
Public Outreach Process

Meeting Follow Up
At the meeting, committee members requested more information on walking and biking.
The following resources are available for committee members and all Kirkwood residents to better understand walking and biking:

Early Action Project Information
Information on a local Open Streets program: Ferguson Sunday Parkways
A nine minute film on Open Streets events across the country
Information on Better Block projects
An 18 minute talk from the founder of Better Blocks

Walking and Biking Infrastructure
Before and After information on a variety of streets projects from around the country