Trailnet Champion – Jacque Lumsden


Trailnet Champion – Jacque Lumsden

This month’s Trailnet Champion is Jacque Lumsden, a Transportation Planner for CBB Transportation Engineers + Planners. Jacque was critical in re-launching Open Streets—an event that closed an eight-block section of Compton Avenue to vehicular traffic to re-envision the street as a community center with food, games, art, bicycling, and dental and health screenings. Keep reading for a Q&A between Trailnet and Jacque.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

How would you describe your community?

I live in Southampton. I absolutely love my neighborhood, I am so close to both Francis and Christy Park, and within walking distance to all the great establishments on Macklind Avenue. A quick bike ride to Downtown, or the River Des Peres Greenway, and not too far from Metrolink Public Transit. The members of our community are great and we have a really active Southampton Neighborhood Association.

What makes you wake up everyday wanting work for CBB Transportation Engineers + Planners?

Transportation impacts every person on a daily basis. From walking to your car or the nearest transit stop, or hopping on your bike, getting places is key to opportunity. Supporting a transportation system that accommodates all modes, and better connects people with necessary goods and services keeps me inspired every day.

How have Trailnet and CBB worked together in the past? Plans to collaborate in the future?

Trailnet and CBB have worked together in the past on many of our projects involving Great Streets components or Multimodal Planning. When we work on projects that incorporate enhancing the walking and biking experience (which is ALOT!) we always bring Trailnet to the table as a critical stakeholder.

Are you a bicyclist? If so, what keeps you pedaling? 

Yes. I ride my bike to work as much as I can, and often find myself attending one of the many great group rides (the Ghost Ride is my favorite), or trying out a trail on the weekends. I love to explore the city by bike–either trying out a new restaurant or just experiencing a new neighborhood. I keep pedaling because I love experiencing my city at the pedestrian scale. So many interactions you can’t have in a car. Also, incorporating exercise into your commute is a bonus!

What are some memorable biking cities, trails, or places you’ve experienced? What made them memorable? 

Last year I finally made the venture to Indianapolis to see the Indianapolis Cultural Trail. It was just as impressive as it is always referenced. The quality facility promotes biking for all ages and abilities, and connects some really great attractions. Des Moines, Iowa is pretty cool too. I went to an ITE Conference in that city and they have a trail system with local breweries/restaurants at convenient stopping places on  the way. And of course the Katy Trail. I biked to Augusta, Missouri last fall with a group of friends. We spent the afternoon checking out the wineries, camped at Klondike Park, and biked back the next day.

What do you think could most improve transportation in St. Louis?

Better multi-modal connections. In general, riding your bike in St. Louis is a good experience. We have a  strong grid system that supports alternate biking routes on local roads. However, there are many things we can do to support trips with better end-of-trip facilities (enhanced bike parking, unique public plazas, public art, etc.) as well as better pedestrian and bike scale wayfinding.

What are your thoughts on our Connecting St. Louis vison?


I am a strong supporter of the Connecting St. Louis. One reason I am in transportation planning is because I value the importance of designing roads for our most vulnerable users. The vision for these protected facilities ensures all users feel safe, from ages eight to 80.

What benefits do you see coming from having this sort of infrastructure in St. Louis? 

Better connected communities and neighborhoods, increased access to goods and services, Healthier communities, economic development, attraction and retention of young talent for the work force.

In your opinion, what makes a city thrive?

The people. Cities with people that have a passion  for making  them better. This is another reason why I am a supporter of walking, bicycling, and public transit. Communting by these modes offers the unique opportunity for shared experiences with neighbors and friends that you may not have had other wise. You fall in love with your City when you experience it in this intimate manner.

Hobbies/Community Outreach you are involved with?

I was actively involved with planning the re-launch of STL Open Streets in June 2018 & look forward to continuing the strong program. I am involved with the Southampton Neighborhood Association. Hobbies include running (training for the 2018 Chicago Marathon in October) and spending time walking my dog, Cooper, all over the City.

Any final thoughts or words?

Thanks to Trailnet for all you do for the St. Louis region. Your visionary team advocates for important work on  a daily basis – keep up the good work!