The Right Time #STLMade | Across STL


The Right Time #STLMade | Across STL


-Photo by Michael Thomas

“All of our products are designed and manufactured locally but they have a global impact. Our timing systems serve as the heartbeat for some of the most exciting and ambitious pursuits in tech, aerospace and computing. We’re proud to employ exceptional talent from right here in the region to make these pursuits possible. It’s a badge of honor, and we’re excited to continue to grow this core team right here in the Midwest.” John Clark, Masterclock CEO

St. Louisans are accomplishing milestones in every corner of our region, including people like St. Charles-based John Clark who is keeping the world in sync, quite literally. Clark is the second-generation CEO of Masterclock, which provides synchronized clocks and timing systems for some of the world’s most recognizable firms, events and organizations including NASA’s Kennedy Space Center rocket launches. “Our niche is time itself,” says Clark.

Masterclock’s team of 20 engineers, assemblers and consultants serve customers in 104 countries, including major players like Microsoft, IBM, and the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), but the company stays close to its local roots by supplying products to many local TV and radio stations, the St. Louis Science Center, Busch Stadium, St. Louis Lambert International Airport and more. Today, Masterclock accrues over $3.6 million in annual sales.

Among the many incentives to keep his business local, Clark ticks off another reason he encourages growing businesses to take root here: “Central location. Logistics can be 30 percent cheaper than in New York or California. Regulatory hurdles are relatively low, and the community of makers is incredibly supportive,” he shares.

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This article was first published in Across STL Volume 3, click here to read the entire issue.