Pedego E-bikes, Trailnet’s Gala, and Why You Should Buy a Raffle Ticket


Pedego E-bikes, Trailnet’s Gala, and Why You Should Buy a Raffle Ticket

Electric assist bicycles, E-Bikes, have steadily grown in popularity over the past decade and have been discussed more frequently since pandemic stay-at-home order was issued. E-bikes are equipped with a built-in electric motor that provides pedaling assistance, making it easier to cover greater distances and allowing a larger population of consumers to enjoy cycling. 

Cathy O’neil, age, won her E-bike in a raffle at Trailnet’s gala, last year. O’neil says she has always enjoyed riding bicycles. Growing up in Michigan, O’neil rode her bike as a child and enjoyed many biking trips to places including Wisconsin, Cape Cod, Denmark, France’s Loire Valley, and South Dakota’s Black Hills. O’neil shares, 

“The last time I was biking in Wisconsin, the rolling hills seemed more difficult, and I figured that maybe age was telling me to slow down. Now with the E-bike, I can continue to travel and bike. When we no longer need to stay at home, I plan to put my e-bike on the car and enjoy more group bike trips across the country.”

“Pedego has been ever so supportive, and I am thrilled with the bike”

Rob Cantwell, 50, attorney in St. Louis, was gifted his first E-bike from a friend E-bike enthusiast. He now owns 2 E-bikes, the Giant Explore E+ 3 mountain bike and the Specialized Turbo S road bike. Rob easily rides his E-bike 5.8 miles to work and back everyday and often takes his nearly 4-year-old daughter on bike rides using his bike trailer attachment. His Specialized Turbo S E-bike reaches maximum speeds of 28 mph making long bike rides with his daughter a breeze.

In the St. Louis area, Bill and Carla Sauerwein own Pedego ST. Louis and are the experts on all things E-bike. When asked about how their sales were impacted during stay-at-home orders, Bill states that sales have increased but that could be due to several factors, 

As with all things in life, it is never just one thing. Covid has definitely contributed to an increase in sales as people work from home and search for ways to remain fit. But we expected some increase in sales due to seeds we planted last year by doing events and exposing hundreds of people to our technology. Likewise, people are not traveling this summer, so they search for activities to do around home outside.  This helped sales also. And covid has also renewed people’s love of cycling. It has been, throughout this pandemic, the activity of choice for fitness enthusiasts, parents home with their children, the work from home crowd, and retired or homebound active people who want to increase or simply maintain their quality of life.  Our sales of bikes have just about tripled from last year and we are sold out of popular accessories like panniers and bike carriers.  “

E-bikes and related outdoor activities have grown tremendously in popularity since the pandemic started in early spring and stay-at-home orders were issued. The use of the pedal assist allows those who enjoy biking to go farther, longer and make more memories. O’neil shares,

Traditional bikes and E-bikes have many similarities, including multiple gears. Additionally, E-bikes have multiple levels of electrical assistance, generally four or five, so the rider may choose how assistance the bike provides. The ability to ride longer and farther with the assist is a popular selling point for first time buyers.

Right now, most of my riding is trails. I love Creve Coeur Lake Park, and now I can zoom up those overpasses with the e-bike. Madison County has miles of trails, and I bike longer because I know that if I tire, I can use the power assist to get back to my car. Recently two deer crossed the trail, not far in front of me. One was a young buck with velvet antlers, and as I watched, other bikers stopped behind me, to enjoy the moment. It’s one of many good memories that I’m gathering from this new bike.”

George Napier, 30, employee of Clayton Parks and Recreation and avid environmentalist, enjoys riding his e-bike off road on family vacations.

For a long time, I thought that E-bikes were a “cheat”- that they made riding a bike too easy but that was before I tried it. The pedal assist can be a game-changer when you are biking off-road trails with strenuous climbs.”

When asked about his experience with folks believing E-bikes to be “cheating”, Bill had this to say,

The “cheating” line of thinking about E-bikes is now considered old school and narrow minded.  I am quite sure you had a cup of coffee before beginning your work today – is that considered cheating because you were able to clear the cobwebs from your head?  Is a rode cyclist cheating when he buys a carbon frame, or puts $1,000 worth of better components on his bike?  Every person young or old, fir or not fit, has right to ride a bike. My wife and I are on our bikes all day and evening and use our cars infrequently.  We run short errands on our bikes, commute to work, grocery shop, run to Target and Walgreen’s and the market in Kirkwood.  Most cyclists ride their bike for an hour or two then put the bike away and get in their cars to live the rest of the lives. So, who is cheating?  We have customers who have sold their car to buy an E-bike.  Our technology also allows people who love cycling but have given up on riding (perhaps because they have a health condition) to ride again and live happy pleasurable, lives outside in the fresh air.  Our customers remark often that their Pedego was “life-changing” and they have regained their health.  With E-bike technology, you can remain mobile and independent.”

Pedego makes a complete line of 18 electric bikes so that you can easily find a perfect fit for your individual needs and personal style. E-bikes do tend to be heavier than regular bikes, due to the battery which adds much of the additional weight. An average non-electric road bike weighs 20-25 pounds, but most E-bikes weigh 45 to 75. E-bike also have wider tires. The tire on a traditional road bike tends to be less than 1 inch wide, but tires on an E-bike generally run 1½ to 2½ inches for road bikes, 3-4 inches for mountain bikes.

Pedego is committed to quality and offers 5-year warranty on all bikes. O’neil has owned her E-bike for a year and says, 

I’m enjoying my new E-bike, though there is a learning curve. This bike is two to three times heavier than my hybrid, and cornering is much different. The Pedego store people have been really generous with their time and tips, to get me up and riding comfortably.”

At Bill and Carla’s store, you can find all 18 Pedego electric bikes and accessories. Bill says,

We sell only one brand, Pedego – the #1 brand in America. Prices range from about $2,000 to about $4,500.  Most of our customers purchase because the bike is high quality, offered at a great price, and designed and built in America – but also because our bikes come with a 5 year industry leading warranty (far above any competitors’ warranty) and because our dealership is part of the community. They know we are 110% committed to service and making their biking experience a great one. Online bike manufacturers cannot make this guaranty.”

Some of the typical questions asked at St. Louis Pedego….

Probably the most-asked question is:  “How far will the battery take me on a charge?”  When I tell them our 48V 15A battery will take them up to 60 miles on a single charge, they are quite excited!  The second most-asked question is:  “Will the bike allow me to get exercise?”  the answer is always, Yes!  You can get as much exercise as you want with our pedal-assist software.  Likewise, our technology allows you to ride farther and more often than you would on a traditional bike.  Many of our customers were avid cyclists who stopped riding because of the hills near their home.  With our technology, there is no more “hill anxiety” and the fear of returning from a long ride only to climb the hill to your home has disappeared.

The gaining popularity of E-bikes could bring about significant health improvements to bike enthusiasts and to those who were previously sedentary. Researchers in a 2016 University of Colorado study observed improvements in aerobic capacity and blood sugar regulation of those who had a generally sedentary lifestyle. Those who are considering using E-bikes for commuting can breathe easy knowing that riding an E-bike may be faster than traditional urban public transportation and would allow you to arrive less sweaty than riding a traditional bicycle to work. Reducing your carbon footprint has never been easier since E-bike batteries can fit in your bag and do not require a special charging station.

E-bikes are here to stay and there are several reasons why. Meaningful exercise can be achieved for many, including those with physical limitations and older age. Trailnet will be raffling another Pedego E-bike at the 2020 Trailnet gala.