Tucker Blvd. Bike-Walk-Bus Construction Update


Tucker Blvd. Bike-Walk-Bus Construction Update

artist rendering of tucker protected bike lane project

Updated Jan. 8, 2021

This week, the East-West Gateway Council of Governments (EWG) advanced a $1.1 million federal construction application for biking, walking, and bus stop improvements on Tucker Blvd. between Chouteau Ave. and Washington Ave.

The project is sponsored by the City of St. Louis and was developed by Trailnet and community partners. This key route is one step closer to seeing a protected bike lane and other improvements recommended by Trailnet’s Connecting St. Louis Plan

On Wednesday, the EWG staff recommended this project for funding, an important step in advance of a final vote from the EWG board.

The rail lines south of downtown are a major barrier for people on bike and on foot in the region. They have been identified in numerous studies including the Downtown Multi-Modal Plan and Connecting St. Louis. 

The proposed two-way, curb-protected bike lane and numerous intersection safety improvements along the corridor will create a safer connection for people walking, biking, and taking the bus. These include bus islands, pedestrian refuge islands, crosswalk signal upgrades, and high-visibility crosswalks along this .9 mile stretch of Tucker.

map of tucker project showing connections to other greenways and bikeroutes, includes bus stop locations

Trailnet in partnership with others funded a preliminary engineering study — completed in March 2020 — to bring this project closer to construction.

The City submitted an application for funding through the Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) under the US Department of Transportation. This is a competitive grant aimed at supporting smaller bike, pedestrian and other community-based projects. The next step will be a vote from EWG’s board to approve this recommendation.

This progress is thanks to the generous support of members and supporters like you, partners including The City of St. Louis, Downtown STL, People for Bikes, Alderman Jack Coatar, a number of family foundations, and area businesses who are making this effort possible.