Tucker Bike-Walk-Bus project moves towards construction, receives $1.1 M grant


Tucker Bike-Walk-Bus project moves towards construction, receives $1.1 M grant

artist rendering of tucker protected bike lane project

A .9 mile cycle track is coming to downtown St. Louis. Today, the Tucker Bike-Walk-Bus improvement project received a $1.1M federal construction grant clearing the way for construction.

The project is sponsored by the City of St. Louis and was developed by Trailnet along with community partners. It includes a .9 mile cycle track (protected bike lane), bus stop upgrades, and crosswalk improvements.

The improvements along Tucker Blvd. stretch between Chouteau Ave. and Washington Ave., crossing the Mill Creek railyard and connecting into downtown. This North-South route creates a more-accessible, less-stressful, and safer connection into downtown.

The two-way cycle track and numerous intersection safety improvements along the corridor will create a safer connection for people walking, biking, and taking the bus. These improvements include bus islands, pedestrian refuge islands, Americans with Disabilities Act improvements, crosswalk signal upgrades, and high-visibility crosswalks along this .9 mile stretch of Tucker Blvd.

map of tucker project showing connections to other greenways and bikeroutes, includes bus stop locations

Tucker Blvd. was identified for improvement based on public input in Trailnet’s Connecting St. Louis plan, the Downtown St. Louis Transportation Plan, and the Design Downtown STL plan. This project represents a key step to better connection and a implementation of these planning and community engagement efforts. 

These plans prioritized Tucker Blvd. as a safe, low-stress connection over the rail yard downtown. The rail yard is major barrier for people on bike and on foot in the region. Tucker was selected over other route options based on resident input, the width of the bridge, connection to public resources, access to public housing, the lack of interstate ramps, among other factors.

This construction project is one of several moving forward in St. Louis City that that prioritize people walking and biking.

These projects include:
– The Tower Grove Connector – another partnership between Trailnet and the City
– Replacing the Compton St. bridge to include a cycle track
– A cycle track along 20th St. and 22nd St. aligning with Project Connect linking north city and the central corridor
– Great Rivers Greenway’s Brickline Greenway Project

The federal funding for this project comes from the Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) by the US Department of Transportation. TAP funds are competitive grants aimed at supporting smaller bike, pedestrian, and other community-based projects. The funding was awarded by the East-West Gateway Council of Governments (EWG). EWG is responsible for transportation funding, in an eight county area in Missouri and Illinois.

A cycle track is a protected bike lane that physically separates bike traffic from car traffic and people walking.
Cycle tracks can come in different variations (one-way vs. two-way) and can use different methods of separating bikes from sidewalks and the street (curbs, raised lanes, planters, etc.)
Cycle tracks provide important separated space for people of all ages and abilities to bike.

This project will feature a two-way cycle track on the west side of Tucker Blvd., with curbs separating bike traffic from car traffic and the sidewalk. Detailed plans are available here.

This project will now move forward, with construction planned for 2023.

This progress is thanks to the generous support of partners including the City of St. Louis, The Downtown St. Louis Community Improvement District, People for Bikes, Alderman Jack Coatar, a number of family foundations, area businesses, as well as Trailnet members and supporters like you.