The Real Cost of Distracted Driving


The Real Cost of Distracted Driving

CW: Car crash, death

This is hard and important. 

In 2019, Randall Siddens was helping pick up cones after a triathlon in Columbia, MO. when he was hit and killed by a person driving while looking at their phone.

The video produced by our partners at Mercy Injury Prevention – Springfield worked with Randall’s wife and the first responders who were there to tell Randall’s story. Randall’s story is a real and tragic reminder of the risk whenever someone is on their phone while driving.

(This video contains dash cam footage from immediately before and after the crash, as well as emotional testimony and may not be appropriate for all viewers)

Dangerous, distracted driving poses one of the biggest threats to people walking and biking in our community. In Missouri more than 2,500 crashes a year involve people using their phones while driving.

Trailnet is working with partners across the state to curb distracted driving and pass legislation that limits phone use by people driving. This bi-partisan coalition, Hands Free Missouri, is pushing for driving rules that limit people from using their phones while driving to only, push-button voice activated, or hands free modes.

These hands-free cell phone rules have been shown to save lives in other states and are working to pass life-saving legislation here. 

Trailnet is helping organize and plan these efforts for the upcoming legislative session. This month, Trailnet staff visited the Missouri Capitol to meet with state legislative staff and statewide partners with the goal of passing legislation to curb distracted driving.

It is vital that Missouri lawmakers pass meaningful distracted driving legislation and each of us realize the real, human risk that comes from distracted driving.

If you want to get involved and help fight distracted driving:

  • Set an example for the people in your life by not using your phone while driving
  • Take MODOT’s Buckle up Phone Down Pledge https://www2.modot.org/BuckleUpPhoneDown/ 
  • Share Randall’s story
  • Get involved with Trailnet’s advocacy work by emailing our Policy Manager: kevinhahn@trailnet.org