Our Trailnet Champion: Our 2021 Summer Intern! Meet Aidan


Our Trailnet Champion: Our 2021 Summer Intern! Meet Aidan

Trailnet is honored to offer enriching internships every year that allow people to gain experience building a better, more connected St. Louis. Trailnet interns come from dynamic backgrounds and are immediately plugged in to our exciting work. This month, we’re highlighting Aidan Gillespie, one of our talented 2021 summer interns.

Read on to learn about how Aidan is dedicated to working towards a more sustainable planet with active transportation options for all.

Aidan Gillespie

1) What you did this summer (outside of Trailnet)?

 Well, perhaps most significantly, my wife and I added a new child to our family when our son was born this July.  He has been an absolute joy to be around.  Aside from that, I’ve spent time exploring some new biking and walking routes in my neighborhood.

2) What you’re studying in school?  

I’m a student in SLU’s Master of Urban Planning and Development program.  I’m finishing up my second year in the program as a part-time student.

3) What drew you to intern at Trailnet?  I have always been fascinated by transportation planning issues and the way transportation intersects with so many other facets of a community’s livability.  Trailnet has been the perfect place to work alongside people so mission-driven and so passionately engaged in making Saint Louis a safe place for all people to use low-stress transportation modes.  In particular, I was drawn to Trailnet because of its reach.  Trailnet collaborates with so many communities and organizations that I’ve been able to see the vast web of individuals and groups committed to active transportation.

4) Can you tell us about your planning involvement at SLU?  I participate in the SLU Urban Planning Association events and I’m a student member of the APA.

5) What about your time at Trailnet was valuable to your career?  First, the internship definitely offered opportunities to get to know some of the leading advocates for active transportation in Saint Louis.  Second, I had hands-on experience with real planning projects that benefit communities.

6) What has been the most fun Trailnet project to work on or learn about?  As someone who enjoys exploring maps, I really liked working with Sam to compile and plot data for the quarterly crash report.  Also, since Trailnet is hoping to create a program for partners to adopt a bike lane, I spent time reaching out to other communities with similar programs to learn best practices.  I learned that people in this field really love their work and are eager to share what they’ve learned along the way.
7) What do you do like to do for fun?  I enjoy taking my sons on walks to new places, running, traveling to the National Parks, genealogical research, and playing subway mapping games like Mini Metro.

Thank you so much Aidan for you time and work at Trailnet! You are so wonderful, and we all wish you a wonderful school year!