Two year, $200,000 Missouri Foundation for Health grant to support Trailnet advocacy


Two year, $200,000 Missouri Foundation for Health grant to support Trailnet advocacy

This month, Trailnet began work on a multi-year advocacy effort to reduce deaths and injuries from traffic crashes in the City of St. Louis.

This advocacy effort is funded through a new 2-year, $200,000 grant from the Missouri Foundation for Health (MFH). The MFH grant supports advocacy efforts to address community-identify health needs. 

This advocacy effort is an extension of Trailnet’s ongoing advocacy, planning and education programs.

With this funding, this concentrated effort will:

1. Advocate for a comprehensive, need-based policy for traffic safety

Currently, most traffic safety improvements are done on a ward-by-ward basis, with wards receiving equal shares of funding regardless of the level of need in each ward. This approach – as well as the region’s history – has resulted in a fragmented, inequitable system: leaving some neighborhoods with safer streets, sidewalks, and bike infrastructure while others struggling to address basic needs.

Comprehensive means a city-wide approach and should include all relevant departments and community stakeholders.

Need-based means that areas with the most need should receive the most support. This should be informed by data and shaped by the needs of residents.

2. Support community efforts to prioritize mobility and safety

Residents are the experts on their communities, and they stand to benefit or lose the most from traffic projects. With this funding from MFH, Trailnet will support neighborhood and resident-led efforts to improve traffic safety.

3. Advocate for funding to support traffic safety improvements.  Improving funding for safety upgrades is necessary to make any meaningful improvements to the safety of our streets. Through this MFH grant, Trailnet will work with community partners to advocate for greater funding to support these changes.