Weigh in on local walking, biking, and transit projects


Weigh in on local walking, biking, and transit projects

Add your voice for better walking, biking, and transit!

Numerous local projects in the St. Louis Region are up for federal construction funding, and public comments are open for people to weigh in. 

We’ve highlighted a few of these projects from local-government partners that will help connect key destinations and improve safety for walking and biking.

The deadline to submit comments is 5 p.m. Thursday, March 31.

There are many more projects than we have listed here. Most are for street repairs but some include sidewalk and crosswalk improvements. Check out the full listing here to see what your local community is working on.

Tower Grove Connector Phase 2

The City of St. Louis is applying for funding for the second phase of the Tower Grove Connector project. 

The first phase of the project includes a 1.4 mile cycle track (a.k.a. protected bike lane) along Tower Grove Ave. and Vandeventer Ave. between Tower Grove Park and The Grove business district. Funding for Phase 1 was awarded in 2020 and is currently in the final design phase, moving towards construction in 2023.

Phase 2 would extend the cycle track .6 miles north along Sarah St. to the Brickline Greenway, and then continue north to Forest Park Parkway utilizing a low stress bicycle facility, the type of which is to be determined in the design phase.

Based on the project application, construction for Phase 2 would occur in 2025.

Submit your comments here.

Brickline Greenway: Spring Ave.

Great Rivers Greenway is seeking funding for a .5 mile segment of the Brickline Greenway in the City of St. Louis. The funding would support a greenway on Spring Ave. between Page Ave. and Washington Ave. 

This grant would help extend the reach of the section of the planned Brickline Greenway from Fairground Park to Page Blvd, which was recently awarded federal funding. When combined, these two segments will create a walking and biking connection between Fairground Park and Grand Center.

The greenway will also provide enhanced safety for people walking and biking along the corridor, which currently has one of the highest rates of crashes injuring and killing pedestrians in the St. Louis region.

Based on the project application, construction would occur in 2026.

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Deer Creek Greenway: Big Bend Blvd to River Des Peres Greenway 

Great Rivers Greenway has submitted a project in Maplewood and the City of St. Louis to extend the Deer Creek Greenway 1 mile, linking it to the River Des Peres Greenway. The proposed project would extend the greenway from Big Bend Blvd. to the River des Peres Greenway.

When complete, it will create a new connection linking the Deer Creek Greenway to the wider network of greenways including the River des Peres, Gravois, and Christy Greenways. This will create 25 miles of connected, paved greenways.

Based on the project application, construction would occur in 2025.

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Grant’s Trail Extension

The City of Kirkwood has proposed a 1.2 mile extension of Gravois Greenway: Grant’s Trail. Currently the trail ends at a trailhead and parking lot on S. Holmes Ave. in Kirkwood. This proposed extension would connect the trail into downtown Kirkwood at the Kirkwood Farmers Market, along the old railroad lines and paralleling surface streets.

The project is broken up into two phases. Based on the project applications, construction would occur for both phases in 2026.

Submit your comments for Phase 1 (Downtown Kirkwood to Leffingwell Ave.) here.

Submit your comments for Phase 2 (Leffingwell Ave. to Holmes Ave.) here.

St. Charles 2nd Street Great Streets

The City of St. Charles is seeking funding for a .4 miles of improved sidewalk connections, curb ramps, and high visibility crosswalks along 2nd St. from Clark St. to Bayard St. The sidewalks would include curb extensions that shorten crossing distances for people walking and slow automobile speeds. This would also include a trail connection from the Katy Trail to the Boschert Greenway that crosses Second Street at Lawrence Street.

Based on the project application, construction would occur in 2026.

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Pardee Road side path

The City of Crestwood has applied for funding to construct a .2 mile multi-use path connecting Gravois Greenway: Grant’s Trail to Whitecliff Park and the Crestwood Community Center. The path would replace sidewalks along Pardee Rd. and Whitecliff Ln. and include crosswalk improvements.

Based on the project application, construction would occur in 2026.

Submit your comments here.

Bus Replacement

The funding applications also include money to update the region’s bus fleet: including 10 Metro buses and three St. Clair County Transit District buses in 2025 as well as nine call-a-ride buses in 2026.

Follow this link, then click on “BI-STATE DEVELOPMENT/METRO” to weigh in on the bus purchases.

The Funding

These federal funds are administered by the East West Gateway Council of Governments (EWG). Funding for these projects come from two competitive federal programs. One program is aimed at improving air quality and reducing congestion: the Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement Program (CMAQ). The other is the Surface Transportation Program – Suballoacated (STP-S) which provides flexible road funding for local governments.