Des Peres

Des Peres

Trailnet and the City of Des Peres are working together to improve walking and bicycling. If you want to be able to safely walk and bike in Des Peres, please get involved! Your ideas and input are needed to make a plan that suits the community.

The Des Peres Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan will provide a blueprint for the development of pedestrian and bicycle improvements throughout the community, making it safer and easier to reach local destinations, including parks, schools, transit, and commercial areas.

The planning team will identify and analyze current conditions for walking and bicycling, obtain residents’ input regarding current walking and biking activities and their desires for future pedestrian and bicycle facilities, and make recommendations for improving conditions throughout the city to create a more interconnected, safe, and convenient network of sidewalks, on-street bike facilities, and street crossings.

Stay tuned to this webpage for project updates and upcoming events. If you have questions, comments or concerns about the project or any upcoming events, please contact Marielle Brown, Planning Manager, at  314.436.1324 x115, or by email at planning@trailnet.org.