Guiding Principles

Our process will be guided by a planning lens that ensures that we remain true to the goals that we have defined for the project. This lens will maintain our focus as we make difficult decisions about destinations, routes, policy, process, and design. While our values explain WHY we do our work, the planning lens directs HOW we translate our values into concrete change. Throughout the planning process, our vision will be developed through a lens that incorporates the following considerations:

  1. Building for the long term: We are committed to planning a system that lasts in materials, design, financing, and environmental features. Places that are built to be loved are places that are preserved.
  2. Promoting equity: Our vision will support a St. Louis where outcomes are not determined by race, zip code, or class. In terms of community outreach, design, destinations, routes, affordability, and land-use policy, the planning process will seek decisions that support a more just community.
  3. Encouraging active, healthy lifestyles: The network will support mental and physical health for all users by making physical activity part of the community. Design and policy will make it easier and safer for people to be social, to exercise, and to develop local businesses that support community members.
  4. Places Where People Come First:
    The bikeways and sidewalks will be designed to prioritize people over cars. When it comes to tradeoffs for signal timing, design, and right-of-way, people will come first over moving or parking cars. We will choose policies and design standards that improve city life for people and that provide an opportunity for true progress, rather than perpetuating the status quo.
  5. A Thriving Local Economy:
    The vision will support streets friendly to small businesses. We will choose designs and policies that support mixed uses, affordable housing, local businesses, incremental development, and neighborhood growth by current residents.