Vision and Goals

Trailnet is always working to move St. Louis forward as a place where everyone can travel easily by foot or by bicycle. We are thrilled to take our work to the next level with our new bold vision: connecting St. Louis with a network of on-street protected bikeways and sidewalks. This project will transform our wonderful city, connecting neighborhoods, cultural districts, and business centers via east-west and north-south routes.

Connecting St. Louis with protected bikeways and sidewalks will bolster economic development, encourage healthy, active lifestyles, and elevate equity and access for all in the community. As we move ahead with planning routes and determining funding sources, our decisions will be guided by community input through meetings, surveys, and interviews.

In pursuing this vision, our goals for 2017 are to:

  1. Lead a transparent and socially equitable Master Planning process that engages a broad cross section of the population in defining routes and destinations that improve social equity and provide access to transportation
  2. Develop a plan that creates opportunities for improved public health and wellness through the daily exercise of active transportation.
  3. Plan a network that will allow the use of best practices from across the country to significantly enhance walking and biking and ignite economic growth.

“We believe high quality walking and bicycling networks on our streets will attract and retain talent, strengthen our economy, and connect people to the places they love,” said Ralph Pfremmer, Chief Executive Officer of Trailnet. “Our new vision will solidify St. Louis as one of the best cities for walking and biking and will have a positive impact on everyone in St. Louis.”