Missouri Bicycle Laws


Missouri Bicycle Laws

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The streets are our largest public space. People riding bicycles and driving cars should be held accountable for following the rules of the road and ensuring that the streets are for everyone.

AdvocacyIcon2 Summary of Missouri Bicycle Laws:

  • Bicycles are vehicles under Missouri law (307.180) and cyclists have the same rights and duties as operators of other vehicles (307.188)
  • Cyclists shall ride as far right as is safe except when making a left turn, when avoiding hazardous conditions, when the lane is too narrow to share with another vehicle, or when on a one-way street (307.190)
  • Cyclists may ride abreast when not blocking other vehicles (307.190)
  • Cyclists may ride on the shoulder of the road, but are not required to (307.191)
  • Cyclists shall ride in the same direction as traffic (307.191)
  • Cyclists shall signal when turning (307.192)
  • Bicycles shall be equipped with brakes (307.183), a white front light, and a rear red light or reflector (307.185)
  • Motor vehicles shall not park or idle in bicycle lanes (303.330)
  • Operators of motor vehicles shall maintain a safe distance when passing cyclists (300.347)
  • Cyclists shall not use the sidewalk in a business district (300.347)
  • If a red light does not change for a completely stopped cyclist after a reasonable time, the cyclist may proceed if there is no approaching traffic (304.285)

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