About the Calm Streets Project


About the Calm Streets Project


Calm.Streets.ProjectWith funding from the Environmental Protection Agency, Trailnet is working with partners to see a Calm Streets network built in the City of St. Louis. Calm Streets are residential streets transformed to reduce speeding and provide safety for everyone traveling there. On Calm Streets, traffic calming measures are used to reduce the volume and speed of motorized vehicles; increase space for landscaping and managing stormwater; and increase comfort for those walking and biking.

There are many benefits to creating Calm Streets.

Calm Streets reduce speeding

By using traffic calming elements such as speed humps, curb extensions, and traffic circles, people travel at slower speeds.

Calm Streets improve safety

The City of St. Louis is now at a five‐year high for traffic deaths. Our high rate of pedestrian injuries and fatalities have made us a Federal Highway Administration pedestrian focus city since 2011. By slowing traffic down we can save lives. With increased “eyes on the street” as a result of increased walking and biking, Calm Streets can help deter criminal activity.

Calm Streets encourage walking and biking

The safety and comfort Calm Streets provide can increase walking and biking, which is good for our health and the environment. Across the country, Calm Streets have encouraged more biking than standard bike lanes. The high degree of safety and comfort they provide can draw in populations that have had historically lower levels of biking, such as youth, the elderly, women, and communities of color.

Calm Streets add beauty and help reduce flooding

Calm Streets often include rain gardens planted with native landscaping that add beauty and help reduce street flooding. (insert photo)Using traffic calming features such as speed humps and curb extensions, we can create Calm Streets where people drive the speed limit and therefore preserve the safety of people walking and biking.

Calm Streets connect us to the places we go and can help strengthen the economy

Because they are on residential streets, Calm Streets make it easier to get to our parks, schools, and other places in our neighborhoods. Studies have shown current and future residents want to walk and bike more. Calm Streets can help retain and attract new residents, thereby strengthening the local economy.

Though all city residents are encouraged to participate in the project’s outreach, during different phases of the project outreach has been focused in three opportunity areas: Opportunity Area #1 (The Ville, Greater Ville, JeffVanderLou, Carr Square), Opportunity Area #2 (Forest Park Southeast), Opportunity Area #3 (Dutchtown). The Calm Streets Project is helping to implement the City of St. Louis’ Sustainability Plan which calls for considering Calm Streets as a means of improving city-wide and neighborhood-scale mobility.

In 2014 Trailnet and partners educated more than 1,200 residents about Calm Streets through community meetings, walks, and outreach. From 2015 – 2016, Trailnet and partners have been working through a strategic work plan for building Calm Streets, beginning with selecting pilot routes.

Project Partners: Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater St. LouisCity of St. Louis Health DepartmentCity of St. Louis Sustainability InitiativeCreative Exchange Lab, Dutchtown South Community Corporation, Greater Ville Preservation Commission, Harris Stowe State University Center for Neighborhood AffairsMetropolitan Sewer DistrictSt. Louis Association of Community OrganizationsNorthside Community Housing, Inc.Park Central DevelopmentUrban StrategiesCommunity Renewal and Development Inc.Revitalization 2000, Inc.Ward 20 Alderman Craig SchmidWard 25 Alderman Shane Cohn Contact Jennifer Allen at jennifer@trailnet.org with any questions.

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