Connecting St. Louis Wins

Connecting St. Louis Wins

Trailnet works every day to advance The Connecting St. Louis Master Plan–a bold vision to transform the City of St. Louis by connecting neighborhoods, cultural districts, and business centers with safe, equitable transportation options for all. in 2020, we made progress on three major route recommendations from our Connecting St. Louis plan.

  • The Tower Grove Connector was awarded federal construction funding.
  • We worked with St. Louis City to submit another application for a federal construction grant to build a protected bike lane and bus stop improvements along Tucker Blvd.
  • The City announced plans to include a protected bike lane when it rebuilds the Compton Ave. Bridge

Cortex Tower Grove Connector

A two-way, protected bike lane linking Tower Grove Park and the surrounding neighborhood to the Cortex Innovation Hub and Metrolink station was just approved for a $5.59 million of federal construction funding. This will be a key safety improvement along one of the busiest bike routes in the region and is a key step in making biking and walking along this corridor safer for people of all ages and abilities. Read more …


The Tucker Bike-Walk-Bus improvement project has received a $1.1M federal construction grant clearing the way for its construction. It includes a .9 mile cycle track (protected bike lane), bus stop upgrades, and crosswalk improvements.

The project is sponsored by the City of St. Louis, and is the culmination of years of work from Trailnet staff and community partners; stemming from the 2016-2018 Connecting St. Louis Plan.

Cycletrack – any major details

Tower Grove Connector


Born out of Connecting St. Louis Plan