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Host a Bike to Work Day Station

Celebrate the 60th anniversary of Bike to Work Day on Friday, May 20 by hosting a Refueling Station at your workplace. Join Trailnet in counting 500 cyclists throughout the STL area. We will help promote your station and your business!

How it works:

  1. Recruit co-workers to run the station with you.
  2. Decide what “fuel” you will provide. Beverage and food items may be purchased or donated by partner businesses.
  3. Fill out the online Refueling Station form. Trailnet will arrange for delivery of educational materials to be displayed at your station.
  4. Promote Bike to Work Day at your workplace through flyers, employee newsletters, email, and social media.
  5. If your workplace doesn’t have one already, create a team on ShiftYourCommute.com. Celebrate the benefits of biking throughout National Bike Month by logging your car-free miles (biking, walking and using public transit).
  6. Provide support and encouragement for your co-workers leading up to Bike to Work Day. Some ideas include:
    • Route mapping – provide links or maps in your company newsletter featuring bike-friendly routes; if you are a regular bike commuter, list your favorite streets, shortcuts, and parks to ride through.
    • Bike mentors – pair novice cyclists with experienced bike commuters who can accompany them on their first ride to work.
    • Bike trains – identify meeting locations to “pick up” fellow bike commuters; designate an experienced commuter to lead the group from each spot, ending at your workplace’s refueling station.
  7. On Bike to Work Day, track the number of people who visit your station (don’t forget to count yourself and any colleagues who help run the station), and send your final tally to Taylor March at taylor@trailnet.org by Monday, May 23.
  8. Thank your volunteers, pat yourselves on the back, and start thinking of ideas for next year. Share your success through your company’s social media, employee newsletter, and partners. Share the experience with Trailnet and send any photos or quotes to taylor@trailnet.org.

Take the February Challenge!

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SYCGrayRedKeep those wheels rolling through the cold! Bike, walk, or take transit to work and log your miles on shiftyourcommute.com. The program will keep track of your car-free trips, calories burned, and carbon emissions saved. Commuters who log the most car-free miles during the month of February will be entered to win some rad Trailnet gear. 

This year also brings the Winter Limbo competition. Those who log biking commutes on the coldest day(s) of the winter will be entered to win a long sleeve jersey from Retro Image Apparel.

Tell your friends and colleagues and help us build a community around active lifestyles!

February’s Shift Your Commute Challenge is sponsored by BMO Harris Bank.

Taking active transportation to the next level

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Like many local professionals, Adrian Stillman makes frequent trips to other cities in the Midwest. Unlike most business travelers, Adrian makes these visits without getting into a car or walking through an airport. His modes of transportation include his bicycle, Metro bus, MetroLink and Amtrak.

In order to get in better shape and to save money, Adrian sold his car five years ago, bought a used bicycle, and began commuting to his office by bike—a twelve-mile round trip. Never a bicyclist before this, he soon decided to extend his car-free travels beyond St. Louis.

AdrianBusRackAdrian’s most recent trip took him to Milwaukee in early November. Loaded with a change of clothes and his laptop, he left his house at 4:30 a.m., biked a few blocks to catch an express bus to the Brentwood MetroLink station, rolled his bike onto the Metro and arrived at the Amtrak station in plenty of time for his train’s 6:40 a.m. departure. Adrian estimated door-to-door travel time for his trip to Milwaukee at ten hours. A nonstop flight to Milwaukee from St. Louis takes just over an hour. This begs the obvious question: why does he do it?

“I love being able to explore and appreciate the world as I travel,” Adrian said. “Using my bike and transit, I can relax and enjoy the scenery, look at the interesting architecture and hear the music – I can explore the new city in a way that you just can’t in a car.”

Most importantly, Adrian values the way that his travels allow him to “connect with other people by sharing physical and social space with them.”

Adrian541a.m.Trailnet staff member Ginny McDonald accompanied Stillman on the St. Louis leg of his journey and observed Adrian connecting and conversing with everyone from the bus driver, to other early-morning commuters, to the person who sold him his first cup of coffee at the Amtrak station. Other transit commuters shared the value of time spent together rather than being isolated in a car. Two co-workers who knitted during their bus ride described their commute as “much more relaxing than driving and a lot cheaper than therapy.”

Would Stillman recommend this mode of travel to others?

“It’s very empowering to travel like this, especially to new places,” he said. “We are all good at throwing obstacles in front of ourselves that prevent us from doing new things. It is up to us to overcome those obstacles.”

AdrianAmtrakStationOne of the barriers that Adrian encountered on this trip was having to dismantle and box his bike for the train from Chicago to Milwaukee. Amtrak baggage staff helped him with the transfer.

“Those guys were great,” Adrian said. “Any connection is so valuable, even when you have to ask for help and show that you are a little vulnerable. That’s life.”

Adrian also appreciates the importance of Trailnet’s efforts in helping to break down barriers to biking and using transit in our region.

“They are doing some awesome things for our community,” He said. “Don’t keep it a secret – tell a friend!”  

Gender equity, biking, and walking – a successful Arch Women event!

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SEPTAW32Despite the stormy weather, 37 people came out to learn about gender equity, biking, and walking. Atomic Cowboy created a warm and inviting space for us, with snacks and beer abound to offer reprieve from the chilly rain.

Trailnet’s TravelGreen Coordinator Molly Pearson opened the evening by discussing findings by the League of American Bicyclists’ Women Bike initiative, focusing on the Five Cs – Comfort, Convenience, Consumer Products, Confidence, and Community.

SEPTAW23Urban designer Courtney Cushard discussed her expanding women’s group The Monthly Cycle. Faye Paige Edwards of GirlTrek addressed access to physical activity among women of color. Lastly, educator Leah Patriarco examined how street harassment affects if/how/when women choose to bike, walk, or take public transit.

Check out the slides below! Want to know more, or be put in touch with one of the presenters? Email Molly Pearson at molly@trailnet.org.

Molly Pearson, Arch Women: A Pedal-Powered Movement

Courtney Cushard – The Monthly Cycle

Faye Paige Edwards – GirlTrek/SheCycles

Leah Patriarco – Street Harassment and biking, walking, and transit

In the meantime, if you’re looking for a FUN women’s cycling event, check out The Diva Cup, hosted by The Monthly Cycle. Get your ticket now!


THANK YOU to all who came out for Arch Women: A Pedal-Powered Movement! Stay tuned for more to come.

Arch Women: Celebrating and empowering women on two wheels

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June has been an eventful month for women on bikes!

On the 18th, Trailnet was pleased to present a highly successful Arch Women: Bicycle DIY Night! Eighteen women from all walks of life came out, rolled up their sleeves, and showed their bikes who’s boss. Local non-profit Perennial not only hosted the event, but also led us through bike-themed craft projects, including bike safety flags made out of felt and wire hangers, and carrying pouches to stash our essentials between destinations made from old sweaters and belts. On the other side of the room, lady mechanics from the Trek Bicycle Stores of St. Louis walked us through how to change a flat tire and how to keep our bikes squeaky clean.

To round out our hands-on activities, Trailnet also brought our demo MetroBus rack so everyone could take a shot at loading their bike onto a bus– all who tried it agreed it’s a snap! Someone even said, “So… That’s it? Really?!”

To top it all off, we enjoyed snacks catered from Lulu’s Local Eatery, as well as beer and wine.

A week later on the 25th, the Ballwin Trek store hosted a Ladies’ Night, featuring women’s clothing, products, apparel, and even held a raffle for a brand new racing kit. Trailnet was there, serving up margaritas fresh from the bike-powered blender.

Mark your calendars now for our September 10th event–Arch Women: A Pedal-Powered Movement. We’ll be discussing bicycling, equity, and the barriers women experience when it comes to active transportation– and what we can do to eliminate them.





Campaign Videos

Thank you to all of our volunteers for helping us spread the word: We Know A Better Way.

This campaign was made possible by funds from the Federal Highway Administration through the Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) Program, sponsored by the Missouri Department of Transportation.

Campaign Images


Thank you to all of our volunteers – the stars of this campaign.

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This campaign was made possible by funds from the Federal Highway Administration through the Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) Program, sponsored by the Missouri Department of Transportation.

Campaign Kickoff and Volunteer Thank You Party Photos


Thank you to everyone who came out for our campaign kickoff and volunteer thank you party held at the Schlafly Tap Room. Special thanks to STL Style for helping us promote the party and campaign.