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Confluence Announces November 1 Closure


After more than 15 years of operation it is with both optimism for the future and a hint of nostalgia that the Confluence Partnership announces it will be closing operations effective November 1, 2013.

This decision was made after months of careful review and interviews with stakeholders and supporters of the state, local and federal agencies and non-profits that provide the wonderful programming and experiences along the confluence of our great rivers.

Like people, trees and animals, organizations too, have a life cycle. And in many ways, thanks to the work of hundreds of individuals and many organizations the original mission of the Confluence Partnership is complete. Originally conceived in 1996, this bi-state’s initiative began as a cooperative endeavor between five non-profits (Trailnet, Greenway Network, Trust for Public Land, Southwestern RC&D, & Grace Hill Settlement House) with a common vision of elevating our Great Rivers to garner the international recognition they deserve. With generous multi-year funding from the McKnight Foundation, the overarching goal was to connect people to our great rivers through better access and to promote the geographical and cultural heritage of the confluence to a larger audience.

Since that time and after more than $170 million in investment and years of hard work by agencies from the federal government, state, local, non-profits and even volunteer groups … the confluence has indeed become the area many visionaries had hoped … a place to learn about, connect to, understand and appreciate our great rivers.

So while the work in the area is not finished, it is time to put the spotlight on those organizations actively working in the area. And we encourage those of you who love the rivers to continue to visit these organizations, to spread the word and to support their work through volunteerism, donations and your enthusiasm.

It has been a pleasure to share with you our love of the rivers …. and we look forward to your continued involvement as life takes us all downstream and around the bend.