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Meet Gina Otto and Monique Roos

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Trailnet is thrilled to welcome two new members to our team!

In anticipation of a jam-packed summer, we decided to bring someone on board who would ensure our events are high-quality, lively and loads of fun… Meet our new Special Events Manager, Gina Otto.

Gina knows how to make an event a spectacle—how to put on a show. From producing her own one-woman, cabaret-style shows to crooning on the local jazz scene, Gina has entertained audiences across the St. Louis area for decades. 

“I have been singing since I was a little girl,” said Gina. “My father was a musician, so I grew up around music. I decided when I was in my early 20s that I wanted to have a music career.”

While Gina shines on stage, she has developed plenty of expertise behind the scenes.

In the early 2000s, Gina owned a small production company that hosted a talent competition in the St. Louis area. Later on, she began running a support group for the Festus High School theater dept. She put on workshops, ran events and fundraised in support of the arts in her community.

Through this work, Gina discovered a passion for producing and marketing events. In 2020, Gina’s passion propelled her back to school. This spring, she graduated with a Bachelors in Interdisciplinary Studies and started putting out feelers for an organization with whom she could do good work for the community.

“I’ve always practiced a healthy lifestyle,” said Gina, “and I am a huge advocate of getting people moving and encouraging others to live healthily.”

We’re excited for Gina to bring her knowledge, energy and years of experience to Trailnet’s lineup of summer 2023 events. 

As Trailnet’s events grow and improve with Gina on board, we knew we’d need some help getting the word out. Enter: Monique Roos, our Summer 2023 Marketing & Communications Intern.

Monique was born and raised in Campo Bom, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. She got her Bachelors in Advertising from UNISINOS – Universidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinos in 2015. After graduating, Monique worked as a copywriter and marketing coordinator for various clients.

In 2022, Monique moved to the United States and began pursuing a Masters in Communications at SLU, where she is currently a graduate research assistant in the Communications department.

Monique brings a massive amount of experience to this role, and we are grateful for her help!