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Win a bike during National Bike Month!

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Sixty years ago, the League of American Bicyclists designated the month of May as National Bike Month. This is a perfect time to celebrate the many benefits of bicycling and to encourage more folks to give biking a try.

Here at Trailnet, we’ll be celebrating bikes all month long with a Shift Your Commute May Challenge, with National Bike to Work Day, and by giving away this great Electra Cruiser to the lucky winner of our bike raffle. This 7-speed classic aluminum cruiser features a step-through frame, twist shifter, fenders, a comfy seat, and balloon tires.

Here’s how you can enter to win:

The drawing will be held on June 1st. Spend the Summer cruising around town on your new wheels!

For information or to buy tickets by phone, contact Carol Schmidt at (314) 436-1324 ext. 103 or carol@trailnet.org.

Thanks to for the generous donation of the bike.

What’s going on with state legislation

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Trailnet tracks proposed state legislation and looks for opportunities to engage you in creating important policy change. We have no active advocacy alerts at this time, but we will be in touch as soon as action is needed. Here’s a list of the legislation we support, oppose, and the issues we’re working to address.

State legislation we support

All ages ban on texting while driving – Expands the current ban on sending, reading or writing a text message to include ALL persons operating a motor vehicle in this state, not just those 21 years of age and younger.

HB 1423 (Nate Walker)

HB 1377 (Keith English)

SB 569 (Sen. David Pearce)

Getting tougher on dangerous drivers – Increases fines and driver’s license suspension periods for drivers whose fail to yield or cause injures or deaths. Such drivers would also be required to pass a driver improvement program before driving privileges would be reinstated.

HB 1813 (Hicks)

SB 917 (Schaefer)

Establishing minimum distance for passing a cyclist – 24 states set a specific minimum distance for vehicles when passing a bicyclist. Missouri should do so as well.

HB 2044 (Davis)

State legislation we oppose

Mandating safety flags on bicycles – Requires bicycles using lettered roads in the state to be equipped with a 15-foot safety flag.

HB 2046 (Houghton)

Allowing motorized traffic on the Katy Trail – Allows golf carts and ATVs on the Katy Trail for certain individuals. Users value the Katy Trail precisely because motorized vehicles aren’t allowed. In addition, a fiscal note estimates the costs involved in retrofitting the trail to accommodate motorized vehicles would run well over $40 million.

HB 2047 (Houghton)

State legislation desperately needed

Transportation funding that meets the needs of all – Missouri spends only nine cents per capita on public transportation funding, which ranks 44th of the 50 states. Missouri also fails to provide any dedicated state transportation funds for walking or bicycling. Transportation options that meet the needs of all citizens are vital to a strong economy and public health. Our state legislators need to advance a comprehensive transportation funding proposal this year!

Trailnet’s St. Charles County Epic Mountain Bike Event – January 17, 2015

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TRN Epic 2015 Schwigen-5031While the conditions for single track riding in Lost Valley and Klondike Park were too spongy, the Hamburg and Katy Trails utilizing the Great Rivers Greenway connector were almost ideal. For mid-January, the weather seemed more like spring. The day started out in the low 40s with bright sunshine. Our partner, Missouri Department of Conservation, hosted the start/finish at the Weldon Spring Conservation Area maintenance facility near Highway 94.

TRN Epic 2015 Schwigen-5077At 9:00 a.m., 60 cyclists were ready to roll and begin their 14-mile loop. With temperatures unseasonably warm, the frozen ground thawed and was slightly soggy. Though soggy, the two trails served as great routes for a pleasant ride. Cyclists returned smiling and slightly speckled with white limestone mud. After resting briefly and getting some nourishment, cyclists who made the loop in less than 2 hours jumped back on for another go-around.

TRN Epic 2015 Schwigen-4996While the cyclists were out, Trailnet’s new Executive Director, Ralph Pfremmer, prepared chili for the after-party. Ralph was also the day’s announcer, calling out some of the faster or muddier cyclists. By noon most of the cyclists had returned from one, two, or three laps of the course and were ready for chili with all the fixings.

TRN Epic 2015 Schwigen-5004They were also treated to cold beer from O’Fallon Brewery. St. Charles County Parks, another Epic partner, prepared handmade plaques from sections of local cedar trees for all cyclists– a cool reward for finishing a fun ride! By 2:00 p.m., temperatures were in the low 60s and cyclists ended the day with their fill of food and drink at the after-party.

TRN Epic 2015 Schwigen-5039Trailnet’s St. Charles County Epic Mountain Bike Event was funded, in part, by Great Rivers Greenway District, in partnership with Missouri Department of Conservation, Missouri State Parks, and St. Charles County Parks, and sponsored by Alpine Shop and The Bike Surgeon.

Bike Expo

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Bike Expo Activities
2015 Vendors

Whether pedaling through neighborhoods with local corner shops and cafes, along the muddy Mississippi on the Riverfront and MCT Trails, or around the beautiful Queeny, Tower Grove, and Creve Coeur parks, bicycling enriches your day-to-day experiences. On a bike, you behold every thread connecting the vibrant fabric of our region. Spokes have been spinning since the early 19th century. Today, more people are choosing to get around by bike, improving their health, the environment, and creating more livable communities. From classic to concept, Trailnet’s 2015 Bike Expo celebrates the tradition and experience of bicycling! All are invited to attend the largest and oldest Bike Expo in the Midwest. Trailnet’s 2015 Bike Expo includes something for everyone with a classic bike show, swap meet, wheel & deal, fashion show, and more. We’ve rented all 40,000 feet of expo space at the Gateway Center to give you an event that will not soon be forgotten.

Tickets are $5 (free for children 10 and under) and can be purchased online or at the event. Online registrants will be allowed to enter 30 minutes prior to door opening to the general public and will have the first look at all of the merchandise and a better chance of winning Wheel & Deal prizes.


Click here to preregister online. Online registration closes on Friday, January 23 at 3:00 p.m.

Donate and Celebrate

Spread good cheer and make a difference this holiday season! Trailnet and BWorks are partnering for a great cause and opportunity. Donate a bike or bike parts and receive free entry to Trailnet’s 2015 Bike Expo. Designated drop-off locations at BWorks and 11 stores throughout the region provide donors with tickets to register online or to present at the Bike Expo for free entry to the event. Donated bikes and parts support BWorks and their Earn-A-Bike program. This local program gives kids the chance to earn a free bike while they learn about bicycle safety and maintenance.

Bike Expo Activities

Classic Bike Show  Attendees are invited to enter their retro bikes in the Classic Bike Show. For $5 per bike, you can display your classic bicycles and compete for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place trophies in a number of categories:

  • Muscle Bike
  • Balloon Tire
  • Special Interest
  • BMX
  • Middleweight
  • Lightweight
  • Custom

Registration is from 10:00 a.m. to noon.

BWorks Mini Tutorials  These mini tutorials are selections from BWorks’ Earn-A-Bike curriculum. Students enrolled in Earn-A-Bike participate in more extensive hands-on versions of these classes that allow them to actively participate and apply the concepts being taught.

  • Fix-A-Flat Mini Tutorial: 1:00 – 1:30 p.m. and 2:30 – 3:00 p.m.  Watch and listen as BWorks volunteers take you through the process of fixing a flat tire. Learn about the simple tools needed to change a flat, causes of flat tires, and ways to prevent flats on future rides.
  • Names of Bike Parts Mini Tutorial: 1:30 – 2:00 p.m.  and 3:00 – 3:30 p.m.  Recognizing the parts of your bicycle increases your understanding of how this wonderful machine works and can help you to diagnose problems. BWorks volunteers will take you through all of the parts of a bicycle so you can have the know-how to talk about your favorite ride.
  • Brake Adjustments Mini Tutorial: 2:00 – 2:30 p.m. and 3:30 – 4:00 p.m.  Riding a bike without brakes is dangerous and riding with improperly adjusted brakes is just as scary. Learn how to make simple brake adjustments so that you have all the stopping power you need.

Swap Meet  This year’s Bike Expo will feature everything and anything BIKES for your buying, selling, and trading pleasure.

Bike Corral  Don’t have enough parts to warrant renting a booth? Are you ready to part with that classic bike in your garage? Do you have some old wheels or a frame that have since been upgraded?

Bring in your items to sell at the Bike Corral! Our friendly staff will sell your items for you in a secure area to Bike Expo attendees. To enter an item (bicycle, 2’x2′ box of parts, frame, wheel set, etc.) just fill out the form and submit to staff. Attendees looking to buy can then peruse the corral and make an offer. If accepted, we do all the financial transactions and notify you if your items sell.

Wheel & Deal  Press your luck and participate in Wheel & Deal for a chance to win some awesome prizes donated by Bike Expo vendors. The format will be along the lines of the TV game show “Let’s Make A Deal” with our new Executive Director Ralph Pfremmer as our celebrity MC.

Fashion Show  Models rocking the latest trends in bike gear will be looking fierce and having fun at the Bike Expo Fashion Show. Fashion selection provided by shops from the St. Louis region!

Live Music  Enjoy the sweet sounds of South City Troubadors.

Kid’s Corner  Fun for the WHOLE family – this year’s Bike Expo will once again include a Kid’s Corner with a rock climbing wall, bounce house, and MORE.

Tire & Tube Recycling  Bring in your old tires and tubes and Trailnet will recycle them for you. Each tire and/or two tubes gives you an entry form for an exclusive drawing.

2015 Vendors

Trailnet’s Bike Expo includes a variety of vendors to peruse for the latest bike programs, events, groups,  gear, and trinkets. Check out the vendor list here.


Biking Weather permitting, Andy Heaslet will lead a group ride departing Park Avenue Coffee downtown at 9:00 a.m. Shuttle Service Trailnet will provide free shuttle service between the Fairview Heights MetroLink station and the Gateway Center beginning at 10:00 a.m. and continuing until 4:00 p.m. Visit MetroLink’s website for train schedules to the Fairview Heights station. Parking There is plenty of free parking available surrounding the Gateway Center.


The Midwest Bicycle Expo and Swap Meet was conceived in 2001 by Don Humphreys, the president of The Touring Cyclist. He offered warehouse space in Bridgeton to the St. Louis Regional Bicycle Federation (Bike Fed) for a fundraising swap meet. His generous offer meant the Bike Fed could set prices for booths or displays and keep all the proceeds. The first Swap was cold and the warehouse didn’t have much heat or light, but 300 people and a couple dozen booth vendors showed, scored deals, and got stoked about the upcoming ride season. Everyone agreed it should be repeated. The avid cyclists at THF Realty provided a bigger space in 2002. They had a warehouse with no tenants in the Chesterfield Valley. Thanks to the persuasive powers of Bike Fed Swap manager Carrie Zukoski, THF donated the cavernous space. Unfortunately there were only three work lights, no bathrooms, plumbing or heating, and there were only a few electrical outlets. Carrie rented lights, portapotties, a sound system, a generator, tables, and chairs. Vendors were allowed to set up the day before the event – which necessitated overnight security for the bikes. The first “night-before” bike watch set the standard for years to come. It’s believed the sport of cyclotubing was invented that night, given that a hundred bikes were just sitting there in a space the size of several football fields. Limping, bruised volunteers staffed the Bike Swap that year. A tradition of poor weather conditions was beginning to emerge as the morning of the second event saw iced over roads with several inches of snow atop that. Snowplows weren’t even operating, so many roads, including highways, were essentially impassable. Yet several hundred people braved it, had a great time, tested out bikes, and planning for the warm weather to come. For year three, Summit Realty, another local company run by avid cyclists, offered a vacant big box store in Maplewood. The space was heated, lit, and had parking but because the building had been vacant for quite a few years, the bathrooms were “unreliable” and parts of the floor had buckled underneath the leaking roof. The night before the Swap, volunteer security staff quite possibly set an indoor speed record using a racing tricycle on the slick floor, slaloming around columns. Shopping carts, it turns out, can haul passengers just fine behind a bike. Bruised volunteers welcomed more than 800 cyclists and 60 vendors the next morning. It was a turning point for the Swap Meet – proving it could be a successful event with momentum for years to come. This was also the debut of the Bike Corral and the Classic Bike Show, both of which are now standard features at the Swap. The night before the Swap, volunteer security staff quite possibly set an indoor speed record using a racing tricycle on the slick floor, slaloming around columns. Shopping carts, it turns out, can haul passengers just fine behind a bike. Bruised volunteers welcomed more than 800 cyclists and 60 vendors the next morning. It was a turning point for the Swap Meet – proving it could be a successful event with momentum for years to come. For the next two years, Summit lent its space and the Swap Meet continued to grow. In 2006 Carrie retired and a replacement could not be found in time to hold the event that year. Due to the Swap’s success, the Bike Fed decided to look for convention space where bathrooms, security, and heat would be available. The Gateway Convention Center in Collinsville was chosen for 2007. It is a great facility, worthy of expanding to attract bike manufacturers and distributors from around the region. In 2010 Trailnet joined with Bike Fed to jointly sponsor the Swap. In 2012 Trailnet took sole responsibility for producing the event. From 2001 to the present day, this is an event that is not to be missed. It is THE event to get you thinking about warm weather and getting out onto the open road.


Volunteer at Trailnet’s 2015 Bike Expo!  The perks for volunteering are awesome- exclusive t-shirt, free meal, and free early entry to the even! There are a variety of positions available from cashier to cowboy. See the volunteer web page for a complete list.

2015 Bike Expo Vendors

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Trailnet’s Bike Expo includes a variety of vendors to peruse for the latest bike programs, events, groups, gear, and trinkets. Check out the list below! Vendor booths are still available, register today.

Alpha Brewing Company

Alpine Shop

American Diabetes Association

Belleville YMCA

Bicycle Illinois


Big Poppi Bikes

Big Shark Bicycle Co.

Bike Recyclery

Bike Surgeon

Bluebird Cycles

Breese Bikes

Busted Chain


Clean Bike Co.

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

Dogfish Apparel


Ferguson Bicycle Shop

Fist Care

FlatLander’s Mirrors

Gateway Off-Road Cyclists

Girl Trek

Great Rivers Greenway

Green BEAN Delivery

HealthSource Chiropractic Progressive Rehab & Wellness

Heritage Bicycles

Hodson’s Bay

International Christian Cycling Club


Jamis Bicycles

KATY Bike Rental

Klunk! Bicycles

LaBerta and Sons Cycles

League of Illinois Bicyclists

Lupus Foundation of America, Heartland Chapter


Manchester United Methodist Church – Bicycle Rehab Program

Maplewood Bicycle

Metro East Park and Recreations District

Missouri Bicycle & Pedestrian Federation

National MS Society


Old Bike Parts Online

Oz Cycles

Padre’s Cycle Inn

Pedego Electric Bikes of Edwardsville

PT’s Bicycle Shop/Squeaky Wheels Bicycle Shop

R and M Cyclery

Randy’s Recycled Cycles

Real Time Pain Relief

Recycled Cycles

Retro Image Apparel Two

Revolution Cycles

Ridge Prairie Trailhead Initiative/Tour de Stooges

Rob’s Portraits 

Shifan Race Wear Inc

Shiloh Chiropractic

Spa Sport

STL Biking

St. Louis Bicycle Works 

Team Backstoppers

Terrain Magazine

The Bike Factory

The Cyclery and Fitness Center

Trailblazer Bikes

Trek Bicycle Store of St. Louis – Ballwin

Underwood Chiropractic, LLC

Urban Tri Gear

Velo Traditions

Wilderness Voyageurs